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SolarWinds Orion SAML compromise mass cert update

SolarWinds Orion customers have suffered some network compromises according to news reports. One report says, right at the end of the article, that SAML2.0 signing certificates may have been ...
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Any data on how many users change passwords after a breach notifcation?

Does anyone know of any study or any data whatsoever which might indicate how many users actually change their passwords after they have been notified that their credentials appeared in a breach?
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What can somebody do with just name and passport number?

What is the risk if just full name and passport number were to be leaked? just those two pieces of information and nothing else.
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CRIME and BREACH attacks, HTTP/2 and HTTP/3

I have been reading on CRIME and BREACH attacks and I want to learn better how to protect against them. From what I understood, those attacks require TLS encryption over HTTP compression and HTTP ...
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How to find out which data breach my password was in?

HIBP and my password manager both claim that a password that I am using has been seen in a data leak. Neither of them provide information about which data leak exactly my password was seen in. The ...
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Google says my password has been found in data breach. HIBP knows nothing about it. Which data breach was that?

I've been using Chrome to save and sync my passwords across devices (and lately I am trying to switch to Bitwarden). Google warned me recently about a password I have used across multiple sites that ...
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Historical examples of breached TOTP secrets?

While reading about password breaches, it occurred to me; where are the TOTP shared secret breaches? Because TOTP relies on a shared secret (unlike say U2F) the server has a copy of the shared secret, ...
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Has this PC been hacked? What's going on?

I'm reasonably technically competent, but I don't know how to interpret this PC issue. As its a real-world incident, there's some back-story. I'm in the UK. The suspect PC runs Win8.1 up to date, ...
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What authentication systems have been involved in data breaches?

Recently, a Federal Judge ordered Marriott to reveal the forensics report for its data breach. I know the Courts have sided with businesses in the past to keep the forensic details of breaches from ...
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Network Breach - Possibility

Hypothetically, if someone had unauthorized access to my network, there are a lot of things that can happen, depending on the point of attack and how it accessed, I can assume that anything that is ...
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