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Is any of my data shared with my budgeting app yet?

So I download this budget manager app called Emma, created an account, until it brought me to a login page where I was supposed to enter my back account details.. I didn't expect this, and I wasn't ...
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Security risk of using a budgeting app connected to bank accounts [duplicate]

I've been tracking my budget the old way for a few years now by using excel spread sheets that have my checking account ledger, and monthly expenses broken down to categories. But I have noticed more ...
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Good starter WiFi adapter under $30 for experimenting with Kali Linux [closed]

I am interested in learning how to get into a network and then intercept and modify traffic and am looking to get a WIFI adapter that will let me use the tools in Kali Linux. I have done some research ...
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What are the most effective methods for getting security funding within an organization?

A common problem when working in large organizations is securing funding for a security program. These programs compete against other business units and various business objectives for funding which ...
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Industry average for security as a percentage of product budget?

Lets assume the product is pure software or a blend of software and cheap commodity hardware. Is there any work showing what the average industry spending is on just the security aspects as a ...
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How to estimate the cost of an application vulnerability?

I've seen data on the cost of a breach including lot of surveys and research by Verizon and the Ponemon Institute. But in terms of an actual vulnerability, what are the factors to consider to ...
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3 answers

is it worth to implement a firewall on a web server you control?

I see the main reasons for a firewall on a web server to be defense in depth and extra cushion for a possible admin error of running an unnecessary daemon. I'm trying to see if I am overlooking ...
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Secure Development costs

What case-studies or references are available from companies who have implemented a secure development process (eg, SDL or similar) around the cost/effort involved. Whilst each development department ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How do you compare risks from your websites, physical perimeter, staff etc

In assigning budget rationally - ie proportionally to the risk in a particular area, how can you calculate the relative risks? I can think of examples where clients of mine have secured their ...
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14 votes
3 answers

How much does a security audit cost? [closed]

For a PHP CMS, what should I expect to budget for a security audit, both whitebox and blackbox? The codebase is about 85,000 LOC ("Lines of Code") and I would probably use a North American company for ...
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How much money does it take to equip a fully funded black hat team? How much money to defend against such a team?

Richard Bejtlich wrote in July 2009 the following: "I submit that for $1 million per year an adversary could fund a Western-salaried black hat team that could penetrate and persist in roughly any ...
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