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Related to design, workings and operation of bug bounty programs. DO NOT use for questions about specific vulnerabilities, attack methods or anything unrelated to the mechanics of vulnerability reward programs.

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How to provide public key for security.txt?

When generating a security.txt file, it is recommended to digitally sign it. However, security researchers must not assume that the information used in the Encryption field is actually the key used to ...
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Does Windows Server ship with any sensitive images in the filesystem?

I'm working with an interesting vulnerability I found which enables local file inclusion (LFI) on a target server. In summary, there is a PDF generation API endpoint which accepts an HTML string as ...
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How to reproduce following POC of dom based open redirection Vulnerability Flagged by burp suite scan

During scan, the burp suite flagged DOM open redirection vulnerability with the following POC. How can I reproduce it? Data is read from document.referrer and passed to xhr.send. The following value ...
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Automating Clickjacking Attack

I found a clickjacking issue in a site and the site security team said me that i would require unusual user interaction. So I wrote a code above the iframe but I was not successful in achieving it. ...
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XSS bypass in url

I have a website:"injection inside js", but " is escaped with \ and I'm trying to inject </script><script>alert() but