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Questions tagged [cbc]

Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) is a block cipher mode of operation.

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Assembly routine for AES CBC encrypt

I'm assuming that OpenSSL is just using these functions here. page 66 is CBC Can I just generate a ...
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Is rsyncrypto secure?

My information security model right now is "if you want the data that I am storing on the cloud, you can have it" and I would like to change that to "if you want the data and have a $5 ...
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Is a server using CBC without the encrypt_then_mac TLS extension necessarily vulnerable to the LUCKY13 attack?

In order for a server to be vulnerable to the LUCKY13 exploit, it has to use a ciphersuite which uses CBC and must not use the encrypt_then_mac TLS extension. However, if both these conditions are ...
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Why is it not a good idea to simply encrypt the plaintext with the receiver’s public key? [duplicate]

What are some of the risks when encrypting "plaintext" with a receiver's public key? I have been Googling for hours, and been reading in the Computer Security Principles and Practice 3rd ...
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What algorithm does 1Password use for encryption, AES-GCM-256 or AES-CBC-256?

I would like to know what encryption 1Password uses. On the About the 1Password security model page, it says: Your 1Password data is kept safe by AES-GCM-256 authenticated encryption. The data you ...
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CBC-MAC vulnerability with reused keys

I'm looking at the CBC-MAC vulnerabilities that arise when CBC-MAC is used incorrectly, specifically when the keys for encryption and authentication are reused. The source I'm relying on is the ...
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Which one to use AES : GCM vs CBC

I am planning to encrypt database fields using AES encryption. Now, this encrypted data will not transfer over the internet and will reside in our own datacenter only. From what I read, GCM mode ...
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Are ECB and CBC modes of operation generally insecure?

In some Java code that I'm reading, I stumbled over the following encryption algorithms passed to the Cipher.getInstance(...) method: AES/CBC/PKCS5Padding DESede/ECB/PKCS5Padding RSA/ECB/PKCS1Padding ...
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How does one implement chunked CBC encryption safely; is this implementation flawed?

UPDATE: Upon further research, I discovered a library that appears to meet my needs, especially with regard to the chunked aspect. Rather than "roll my own", I would be better served to use this well-...
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What if the attacker tamper the IV used in the block cipher CBC mode?

I am a newbie to block cipher and when learning the CBC mode, I start to understand that an IV is being used in this mode and also will be transferred to the message receiver. So here is my question,...
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2 answers

Why does SSL Labs now consider CBC suites weak?

Why does SSL labs now mark CBC 256 suites as weak, although equivalent GCM and ChaCha20 are considered strong? Until a few months ago, it was unmarked in reports (neither explicitly as weak or strong),...
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Decrypting AES-128-CBC leads to first block being correct, the rest corrupt

I'm currently investigating a piece of software which encrypts it's files with AES-128-CBC. From disassembly it is truly known that the algorithm used is correct (log messages plus calls to the ...
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Why is authentication impossible with CBC mode?

Suppose I have a protocol where fixed-length messages (1280 bytes, no padding) are encrypted with AES in CBC mode. I want to put some data in the message body to verify that the message is authentic. ...
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What is the impact of the reported weak IV in 7 Zip?

It has been reported that 7 Zip generates IVs in a weak manner. What is the actual impact of this? I'm asking about historical Zip files that I've sent. I've no plans to use 7 Zip going forward until ...
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