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Questions tagged [cdn]

Security practices of as well as security implications of using a Content Delivery Network such as Cloudflare or Akamai.

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How can CloudFlare provide a valid SSL certificate for domains not under its control?

CloudFlare provides a reverse proxy, and it offers SSL support ("flexible", "full", "strict full", and "keyless"). How does CloudFlare manage to get a valid certificate for domains it does not own? ...
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Does Cloudflare masking my IP make my server more secure?

I've heard in a conversation and read in some forum posts that Cloudflare will proxy your IP, hiding it from the public, and this mitigates the risk of an attacker finding your server in the first ...
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How can ISPs handle DDoS attacks?

How can an ISP with low bandwidth like 50 Gbps handle a DDoS attack with more than this? I know there is a solution called "Black Hole". Is this enough to mitigate DDoS attacks or are there any other ...
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Should a CDN service like Cloudflare protect against Brute Force Attacks, or only from DDoS?

I know that CDN services usually protect a user by hiding it's original machine's IP and by screening (and banning) any attackers that send too many requests in the form of DDoS. But should a CDN ...
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CDN end to end encryption?

I setup Cloudflare CDN for my site. I added my site to Cloudflare and it asked me to add Cloudflare nameserver to my domain. I did that in my DNS registrar portal. That's all I did. Now I'm able to ...
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