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Security practices of as well as security implications of using a Content Delivery Network such as Cloudflare or Akamai.

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Risks of not enabling HSTS on a static content subdomain. Even though main domain does have hsts

I'm investigating an issue where our static content (js, css) is deployed in AWS Cloudfront under a subdomain of our main website and doesn't have HSTS enabled. The main domain does have HSTS enabled ...
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How can an attacker hijack js/css content?

I just encounter an issue, the cached js files showed porn site Here's the simple network diagram. shows a porn site, but if I add in query string https://cdn....
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Is this web cache poisoning attempt correct?

So i've been trying to learn cache poisoning for a while and today i thought i finally found a vulnerable instance. Everything seems to be working even tho it doesn't. Like, 416 response is cached, ...
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DomainFronting - re-routing and SSL certificats

I'm looking for a specific answer regarding the TLS handshake in a scenario of domain-fronting. Following hensonsecurity and zscaler blogs I have noticed that a detailed description regarding the re-...
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