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Could a laptop fingerprint sensor be used as a webcam? [closed]

I have a Chromebook that normally only recognizes the actual webcam. However, I opened up a random webcam site and it was allowing me to use a second camera for some reason. When I enabled it, I ...
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Are schools able to track the usage of apps on their Chromebooks?

I like to play stuff like Minecraft Educational Edition with my friends after school but I'm not sure if the school will find out, since if they do, it might look bad for me. Will schools be able to ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Can my school computer see my files via USB?

I was issued a chromebook, as was everyone at my school, to use for work in class and in case school has to shut down again. We bring it home so it connects to my personal Wi-Fi when I'm at home. I ...
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Can Chromebooks be affected by malware from an SD Card?

I've got an SD card that I think might contain infected files. However, those files are from my Windows days. I hear that Chrome OS is pretty hardy, and that it's really only posisble to get damage ...
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Are there any chrome extension VPNs that use the chrome.vpnProvider API? [closed]

Seems most extensions use the old proxy api which requires giving them full "read and change site data" access. A more recent API is available made for VPNs:
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Trip to China - safeguarding phone and laptop

I am going to China for a 2 week vacation in a month I will be taking a Google Pixel with a Verizon SIM and using it while there. I assume that if I don't use a local SIM, it would be difficult for ...
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