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how to exploit CVE-2023-1613

I am trying to understand the vulnerability in Rebuild in chromium which is identified as CVE-2023-1613. I found this poc online: What I understood so ...
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How vulnerable is Opera using a version of Chromium that is 3 versions behind?

Uses Chromium 115 when current stable is 118. They do claim to have the latest chromium security updates. Does patching old chromium with the latest security fixes bring it on par with the latest ...
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What are the potential vulnerabilities with containerized rootless Chrome and --no-sandbox?

I'm evaluating running Chromium without native sandboxing in a rootless container. A few points: You can containerize Chrome using rootless containers with something like podman. This will utilize ...
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Does the "auto formfill" feature in Chromium-based browsers actually send this to the webpage?

I use Vivaldi. I have previously filled in forms where I used a certain name and e-mail. Today I cleared the browser data except for the autofill stuff. Then I went to Stack Exchange to register an ...
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Is Brave private?

I have been using Brave for a long time now. Lately, I realized it uses Chromium. I really dislike using Google because of my data privacy. So I am starting to wonder if Brave does the same thing.
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How am I supposed to trust binaries "submitted by anyone"? [duplicate]

I finally found a Chromium fork which appears to have made a serious effort to remove all the Google cancer. Sadly, I see this: ...
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How does Chromium's sandboxing compare to Firejail's?

I am increasingly being requested to join videoconferences through Zoom, which I don't trust to run on my machine. I understand that there are two common ways of sandboxing this software: you can ...
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Where to put SAN

Where SAN means: Subject Alternative Name. I feel I have a basic misunderstanding in which certificate the SAN stuff shall go: ca or server or both or what? It might be 3 Years or more in the past, ...
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3 answers

How to securely run Puppeteer / Chromium in a Docker container?

Attempting to run Puppeteer, a Node library to control a headless Chromium (in order to do things like create a PDF of a website), in Docker is a surprisingly fiddly thing. The problem is that, from ...
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How/When does Chrome queries Certificate Transparency (CT) log servers to ask for inclusion proof of certificates and how can I debug them?

I’ve been trying to understand how does Chrome interact with CT log servers. According to what I’ve read so far, Chrome sends inclusion proof requests (“GET https:///ct/v2/get-proof-by-hash” - https://...
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HTML link with "noopener" and/or "noreferrer" in Chrome/Chromium results in unexpected behaviour

There are several attacks possible when embedding links with target="_blank". This is where rel="noopener" and rel="noreferrer" should help. I am expecting that clicking the following link <a ...
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restoring logged out gmail session in running instance of chromium browser?

My situation is: +I have created a special purpose gmail account +I used a complicated password to protect the account. On purpose, I did not use any 2FA options are a "reset" email address or phone ...
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What is the essence of Google Chrome’s new controversial sign-in feature?

What is the essence of Google Chrome’s new controversial sign-in feature? How does it work and how does it differ from what was it before? What is the danger of it? Is Chromium affected?
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Are the details about the Widevine bug now public?

There was a bug in Widevine last year which enabled downloading Encrypted Media Extension Content. They stated that they would give full details after 90 days. Was this meant for public disclosure or ...
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chrome is launched and tries to open a wierd website

I have this wierd problem that once in a while (I guess mostly when I plug my laptop to adapter) chromium is lauched by itself and loads this wbesite: I can guess that there ...
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Conflicting security messages about "chrome://settings" page; is it secure or not?

Accessing the chrome://settings page, I see two things contradicting each other: The ribbon below the address bar shows "You're viewing a secure Chromium Page." On the other hand, the security ...
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How does Chrome distrust Symantec Certificates?

Sometime back Google Chrome had announced plans to distrust Symantec certificates. I am trying to figure out how this is done for a POC. When I visit on Google Chrome, I get the following ...
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HTTPS connection issue on Chrome/Chromium/Opera

I am trying to build a light web server on an embedded device, and trying to add HTTPS to it by introducing mbedTLS. I can use Firefox or IE to make connections without any problem. However, when ...
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Chromium Malware (possible) on my Linux Machine

Running Chromium 60.0.3112.11 on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 Chromium attempts to access my Linux machine's media upon autocompleting,,, or ...
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How can Chromium access my Firefox history?

I have 3 Firefox profiles set up ("home", "work", and "tmp") and one Chromium profile. I currently have Firefox open in the "home" profile and Chromium open. When I started another instance of ...
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Is Chromium spying my keyboard? [closed]

I just typed into Eclipse (a different process): enum State { } Then I wanted to check about code conventions regarding those enums. So I typed into the address bar of Chromium "Java convention". ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Privacy with Chromium?

How private is Chromium for Windows, Linux and Android? Will a standard Chromium installation contain code that will phone home to Google or otherwise send out identifying information? Are there other ...
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Why is one of three browsers (Chromium) reporting an invalid HTTPS certificate?

A few days ago, Chromium started to report Flickr's certificate as problematic: The server presented a certificate that was not publicly disclosed using the Certificate Transparency policy. This is a ...
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