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3rd Party API Key in cognito custom attribute JWT

I am developing an application where users need to provide an API key to a 3rd party service, our app (a serverless app on AWS with a dynamo db) then makes requests to that 3rd party service on behalf ...
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OAuth2/Cognito: Let trusted server act on behalf of user

I'm building a public HTTP JSON API using API Gateway with ID token authentication. I now need a server that acts on behalf of users. Users message that server using a third party (think Signal or ...
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Pros vs Cons of Secure Remote Password

We are setting up an authentication system using Cognito and Amplify. We noticed that Amplify suggests Secure Remote Password as the default. I can understand the benefits of SRP for protecting ...
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Should JWT's be validated on every request?

I have been unable to find a definitive answer to the above question. We currently use JWTs from AWS Cognito for our Authentication. Currently the JWTs that are returned are too large to use in ...
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AWS Appsync authorization - why is IAM authorization safer than API Key based approach

We are currently evaluating which authorization type to use for our production AppSync APIs. As per AWS docs(,
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Serverless Apps Authenticate Users After Page Load - Flaw?

Server-based apps check for a session cookie before returning any content to the user. If an authentication cookie isn't sent from the user's browser, the only content delivered to the user is a ...
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Is detecting if an email has an account considered a vulnerability with AWS cognito?

Am doing a pen test on a client system using AWS Cognito and userpools for authentication using the client side SDK provided by AWS. during the forget password flow, I noticed that Cognito request ...
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Using Cognito access token to pass claims

I am working on migrating all our users from our DB to a managed service, and we're considering AWS Cognito. We want to use Cognito for Authentication and Access Control. For access control, we're ...
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Is this the correct way to use AWS Cognito?

I am doing the following in my React/Node App: Using the User Pools for a Cognito App that I have created Calling the /login endpoint with response_type=token in my React App Once I receive the JWT ...
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