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Questions tagged [compression]

the act of compression reduces the size of the file(s) being compressed by encoding information and eliminating statistical redundancy.

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Protection against JPEG compression bombs

There is a well-known threat named compression bombs. Such image formats as PNG and JPEG use compression methods, and therefore and in theory PNG/JPEG images might be a compression-bomb. I've found an ...
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BREACH attack against SPA

I have a single page application that is hosted at that relies on The SPA sends user credentials (JWT token) in authorization header for every request. Let's suppose ...
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Fuzzy hash of a file

Could someone please explain this to me: When you use a fuzzy hash algorithm (ssdeep, tlsh, sdhash... or any other) to calculate the hash value of a file, does it calculate the hash based on the whole ...
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Is it possible to obfuscate binaries with UPX or similar software?

Warez scene groups often compress their binary executables using UPX or similar software. I've heard somewhere that they do this to obscure the algorithms they use from other groups, but I find this ...
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How does malware work when compressed?

I have read up on compressed folders of file types such as .zip, .rar and .7zip being the malicious file itself (excluding cases such as an .exe file being disguised as a .zip file etc...), only ...
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Detectability of packing files in Windows 10

I follow the tutorial here: to pack calc.exe in windows 10 at C:\Windows\System32\calc.exe But I get the following error: What's the problem? It ...
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