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What, if anything, are the consequences of temporarily enabling and then disabling WebRTC in Firefox?

For security and privacy purposes, it's best to keep WebRTC disabled if you aren't using it. Firefox makes this easy by simply setting media.peerconnection.enabled to false. Due to COVID-19, the use ...
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Visiting the U.S. for a security conference [duplicate]

I am planning to visit a security conference in the U.S. and I am unsure about how to prepare myself and my devices for immigration. What are sensible technical measures to take and situations to ...
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15 votes
4 answers

How to build a hacking challenge that uses XSS?

Security conferences often have hacking challenges. My colleagues and I have built a number of these. We've not yet done one that includes a cross-site scripting vulnerability. I have seen challenges ...
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Is ZRTP for secure multi user group video conferencing?

I haven't find anywhere specifics about ZRTP's ability for secure encrypted group video/audio conferencing, so I am asking you. I know that OTR does not support multi user group chat, so is that same ...
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Warn on (plain, unencrypted) HTTP: in which prominent security talk was this advocated? [closed]

Some months ago, I watched online a video recording of a talk/presentation aimed at an audience interested in information security. The talk concerned UI/UX/usability, convenience, and security, and ...
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Which conferences are comparable to the Defcon? [closed]

Rory Aslop wrote something interesting regarding conferences here: Defcon always worked out as the most cost effective broad technical training for my penetration testers and technical security ...
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Open source video conferencing software with encryption [closed]

A couple of friends and I are looking for an open source video conferencing software. We'd like to run the server on a Debian box, but the clients are Windows machines. Most importantly, it should ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Telemedicine on Google+ Hangouts or Skype. Is it encrypted?

Would one be able to have a telemedicine conversation with a patient with google+ hangouts the way one can over a telephone? In other words does the security satisfy the HIPAA regulations that say ...
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RECon 2012 and before

Anyone knows where can I get materials/presentations/trainings from RECon 2012 and before? Is there any place where I could buy it or download it, if it's free - I doubt it, but who knows?
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where to get the latest trends about penetration testing systems? [closed]

I am an undergraduate student, who want to do a project in penetration testing automation, and i want a conference or some official source to obtain some latest researches from inorder to see what to ...
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8 votes
2 answers

What are some good arguments for having your work send you to e.g. DEFCON or Black Hat

What are some good arguments for getting your work to send you to the popular con's? Some of them can involve quite a bit of travel cost thus increasing the need for good arguments for going. I'd ...
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14 answers

What "hacking" competitions/challenges exist? [closed]

I have always enjoyed trying to gain access to things I'm not really supposed to play around with. I found Hack This Site a long time ago and I learned a lot from it. The issue I have with HTS is that ...
3 votes
3 answers

Ranking of web security conferences

I have prepared a paper to publish in a web security conference. How can I know the ranking of available conferences to know which conference is better? For example, should I look at their sponsors?
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5 answers

Security Conferences in United Kingdom

I have already read the post of best security conferences, but am not able to find any academic security conferences, even through Microsoft Academic Search. I admit this question is quite localized, ...