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Cardholder info transmission between issuing and acquiring banks

Which data is actually transmitted between issuing and acquiring banks during various phases of a card payment transaction? Specifically, does the Issuer tell the Acquirer any info (and which if any?)...
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How can I know if the cyber-protection offered by my ISP is worth the extra cost? [closed]

My ISP offers a "cyber protection" service at an extra cost. They say it "identifies and blocks privacy attacks, credit-card scams, identity thefts and hacker attacks against computers connected to ...
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How to make QR Code uncopyable - Scanning of the QR Code at consumer level [closed]

I am designing a Consumer Protection System for import products on Blockchain technology. My Client wants to use QR Code instead of Security Tax Stamp. How can we make QR Code uncopyable at the ...
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Which parts of a credit card can I obfuscate and still have it be valid

I was recently the victim of credit card fraud and I suspect it is from a merchant somewhere keeping track of my credit card details. I cancelled the card and received a new one, but I would like to ...
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What can be done to harden typical consumer networks?

With the latest rise of IoT devices in consumer networks, a typical home network for the sake of this attempt on a canonical question for consumers might consist of a SOHO router that does provide a ...
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How could supply chain counterfeiting be combated by using a blockchain?

In the popular technology and business press (e.g. example1, example2 and example3) there is a lot of excitement around the application of a blockchain to "revolutionize the supply chain" of physical ...
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Good method to store user content encrypted without storing the user's key in plaintext?

I have a number of seemingly contradictory requirements: 1) We obtain content for users from third parties; content for certain users should be stored encrypted at rest for compliance reasons 2) ...
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How information security/cyber security evolved for a Novice End user in the Last 10 Years [closed]

The main point to note is the type of laws that protect the users. Its main focus is My points of discussion include 1) Challenges faced in Cyber-security. 2) Evolution of cyber security over the ...
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How to protect publicly placed NFC tags?

Recently, the appearance of public NFC tags are growing in major populated areas. The company I am currently working along side with wants to increase their advertisements with a NFC tag placed on the ...
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How to (programmaticaly or by other means) encrypt or protect customer data

I am working on a web project and I want to (as far as possible) handle user data in a way that reduces damage to the users privacy in case of someone compromising our servers/databases. Of course we ...
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Does setting up a DMZ for a home consumer "cloud" appliance make sense?

Some of you may have seen/hard of Western Digital's MyCloud NAS solution for home networks. This comes with a proprietary app suite for mobile devices and workstations alike. This allows the consumer ...
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