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Are these cPanel processes malicious? [duplicate]

I have previously asked a question There's an expect.php file in all the git repositories of my web server, is this malicious? and this question is a further continuation if it. After investigating ...
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Can an email address be added to "Forward To" list in cPanel without accessing the cPanel?

My company is using cPanel emails, recently while reviewing email forwarders, I noticed an email in the "Forward To" list that our sales email is being forwarded to it and that was unknow to ...
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What was the purpose of this example of a website hijacking?

Recently helped a friend after their website was hijacked via a compromised (and very simple) hosting and cPanel password. The site was just static html and css, showing business hours etc and contact ...
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How to fix deceptive site ahead warning on a wordpress site

I have an issue with my website, when visitors try to access it shows the deceptive site ahead warning I used google search console to try to fix it (as I successfully did it previously with some ...
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Cpanel Phising Link

Today I received a cpanel phishing link and I clicked on it. It redirected to another cpanel. I decide to look at the url, and here it is redirect url
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Remove less secure ciphers from WHM by decrpyting different convoluted references to the same ciphers

I have previously removed less secure ciphers from WHM (Web Host Manager) however it has been a while and I want to learn how to fish, not be handed a fish. The trouble seems to stem from the fact ...
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VPN service - change of ip

Imagine I connect to, change my IP address using my VPN service, and then remain on in my browser. Meanwhile I open some other sites and eventually switch off my VPN service. ...
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Protect Wordpress against ddos attack [closed]

The above screenshot is from my website's cpanel visitors list.My website is build on wordpress. And I think someone is trying hard to crack open my website with DDOS attack and drain out my 10gb ...
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Executing perl scripts without actual file on a cpanel account

Processes with arrows are from same cpanel account let say "charlie" This account was under control of client. Last week this server got blacklisted on emails because client run some perl script to ...
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Is there are another way to access victim website admin panel without sql injection or redirect bypass? [closed]

I learned to access some website admin panels with SQL injection and redirect bypass method. (Blocking 302 redirect via browser extension) But I saw someone accessing popular website admin panels ...
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Will an SSL certificate prevent cPanel hacks?

The cPanel on my website is being hacked, and I am not sure that the setup my host provides is totally secure. The hack works by intercepting my login. Will an SSL certificate prevent this? If it will,...
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How safe is it to edit PHP files in Web browser via CPanel? [closed]

For some reason my Notepad++ can't connect via SFTP since yesterday so I was thinking about editing my site via CPanel file manager which has HTTPS. I never thought about editing my site in this way,...
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How to separate and secure domains using cPanel?

When you add a new domain in some hostings (i.e. 000webhost or some other hostings, which DOESNT USE cPanel) an entirely separate public_html is created (with a separate FTP login and etc..). But ...
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