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Questions tagged [cpu]

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What is the current risk regarding hyper-threading?

We are around four years after ZombieLoad. We had multiple Microcode and OS mitigation patches. Is enabling hyper-threading still bad practice if firmware, microcode and OS patches for your system are ...
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How to select a CPU to buy for the best security?

Various versions of Spectre, Meltdown, Foreshadow and ZombieLoad make it quite the jungle trip to navigate which CPUs are affected, how to mitigate them. Right now, my problem is that I need a new ...
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How dangerous is the ME on non-vPro CPUs?

I’ve seen plenty of Intel ME vulnerabilities and other security-related issues with the co-processor. However, most seem to be focusing on the extended ME features available on vPro CPUs, which allow ...
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Is it possible to debunk Intel Management Engine conspiracy theories using a data usage monitor device?

If there would be any backdoor in recent Intel CPU's, then it should send and receive data secretly. Isn't it possible to easily debunk this conspiracy theory by implementing a third physical device ...
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How would one compare Cache Allocating Technology against MIT's Dynamically Allocated Way Guard for prevention of the Spectre side-channel Attack?

Upon research, I'm finding it difficult to identify a way to compare each solution. Is it correct in saying both solutions are software based? Therefore, could I compare overall PC perfomance with ...
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Will More vCPU's and RAM Help Protect Against Some Smaller Scale DDoS Attacks?

Obviously having more vCPU's (virtual CPU's) and more RAM by them self won't be able to alone help stop and/or prevent a DDoS attack, but let's say after a DDoS attack is finished and/or slowing down ...
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What Spectre V2 patches fixes which vulnerabilties on Linux?

Let's assume I have a computer with a pre-Skylake Intel processor that doesn't have microcode mitigating the Spectre V2 attack. Then to my understanding, if the kernel and all user-space applications ...
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Feasibility of CPU Backdoors

Recently I was thinking of the feasibility of hardware backdoors in the CPU introduced by manufacturers at the behest of three letter agencies. I can think of two potential backdoors that seem ...
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Secure code makes exploitation easier with CPU vulnerabilities?

I researched CPU vulnerabilities in the past, such as Specter and Meltdown. I read that one of those attacks is made easier if the code is a certain way. I cannot remember if it was related to being ...
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Anti-Theft Mobile CPU

The newest Android phones use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset with its TrustZone/TEE. The Android OS makes sure that a stolen phone, in its assembled form, is not usable. Does Trustzone further ...
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