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Questions tagged [credit-card]

Payment cards. For questions about storing credit card numbers, see also pci-dss. For questions involving the physical object, see also smartcard (if the card has a chip).

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Are there any risks sharing my phone's SEID number with the bank of my credit card?

I was not able to add a credit card to Apple Pay on an iPhone. The bank told me that they need the SEID number of the phone to resolve the issue. By a quick search on the Internet, I learned that the ...
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Should i login to my ebanking account through frames in another website?

During a credit card payment to site X , it asks me to login to my ebanking account through a frame in a site that handles that transaction in order to implement a more secure authentication (3d ...
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Disable Google API key without access to google account

I was trying the new google api - I created anonymous account - added there my debit card, set up the API key for google maps. Tried API and pushed my API key to shared repository (yes I know - my ...
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What are the risks of providing all your credit card information except for security code to a stranger?

I've recently been approached by a person asking me for a donation to Save The Children. while I was inclined to donate, I didn't because they were asking my full name, 16 digits of credit card and ...
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How can I create a verifiable signature for a digital transaction?

I am currently working on creating a digital signature pad that customers can sign instead of a traditional paper receipt for credit card transactions. Currently I have the ability for them to sign a ...
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Algorithm to generate (and verify) string of 4 quad alpha numeric code

I am writing a system, for which I need to generate unique transaction numbers (which can be verified by myself). I want to use something similar to that used by credit cards, where a string of the ...
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Which keys does a bank typically exchange with a card scheme?

I'm trying to understand the different EMV-related keys that are shared between a bank who issues EMV cards and a card scheme, such as Visa or MasterCard. I understand the bank would typically ...
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CVV2 calculation with TR-31 Key

I need to use the CVK Key (in key block format) to calculate the CVV2. In the past, I have always used single keys in variant format for this purpose (CVKa + CVKb), and the calculation procedure is ...
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Credit card fraud - record your face movement to unlock your account

Recently I accessed my credit card account (with a well-known credit card company) and right on the web page received a message that my account is locked to "prevent some sort of fraud". I called ...
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Does 3D Secure provide a significant security benefit that justifies a worse UX?

We have a website that uses Stripe for charging customers. We are selling a physical product that has zero resale value and a service that is completed 30 days after the customer receives the physical ...
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Safely Display Card PIN

We are currently sending the card PIN via SMS. We do not store them in any way, neither do we have the possibility to change it. The only way to change it is for the customer to go to an ATM and ...
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What solutions would you recommend for credit card processing for Virtual Assistants?

I'm developing the entire backend using for an Over-the-phone Virtual Assistant service. Their clients are busy professionals who delegate their online purchasing and booking to this service, which ...
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Credit card number in credit report. Acceptable or not?

I recently applied to obtain my credit report for the very first time and was taken by surprise when I saw all my credit card numbers mentioned in the report without any masking. I had seen other ...
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Android pay card registration, token generation, and verification

I was trying to find information about Android Pay and how it handles card information when adding it to Android Pay and how are token information verified. I was not able to find detailed information....
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ASP.NET WCF security, javascript and handling sensitive information

I've come upon what I would call some "nasty" javascript coding (I come from a KnockoutJS / Angular / Web API 'world') in which WCF services are exposed to javascript by production URL's, i.e. "...
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Collecting Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) & Credit Card (PACC) Agreements Electronically

I am looking for best practices regarding the collection of Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) agreements electronically. The Canadian Payment Association only seems to provide the following statement ...
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Collecting banking, credit-card statements from users

I want to build a service that collects user spending history with their permission. Users would send over (banking, credit card) account statements and I would extract, store the following ...
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PCI-DSS Compliance: SSL Tunneling Credit Card Information Through A HTTPS Mobile/Residential Proxy Service to A Destination Service

If a PCI compliant service decides to SSL-Tunnel credit card information via an independent residential/mobile proxy service to a destination payment service, would this protocol still be PCI ...
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Can a stolen chip & pin card be used to withdraw cash from an ATM without knowing the actual pin?

My chip and pin Visa debit card was stolen from a gym locker and successfully used to withdraw money from an ATM in 2017 in London, England. The PIN was not recorded anywhere and yet the card was used ...
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Pay online with a card and then block it - any threats?

Sometimes I order stuff from less-known online stores that ask me to pay directly by providing a card number. Either they don't support PayPal or similar services or they might charge a fee for using ...
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Understanding scam involving mobile transaction number

Today I have received an SMS from the number that my credit card provider uses to send MTANs that have to be entered for e-commerce. So at first the obvious scam seemed to be someone trying to use my ...
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Is there a security issue with fit4less requiring bank information and not simply card number?

When I set up timed payments I tend to prefer setting them up through my credit card. As this tends to be more reliable in case of over charges, etc. For example spotify goes through my credit card. ...
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how should a web application verify a redirect comes from a trustworthy source?

This document has a sequence diagram (annotated and shown below) explaining how Stripe handle's a Checkout Session. My question : When a customer is returned to the successUrl =
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People using my email address (and only that) for booking hotels. What kind of scam is this?

I have faced the same issue twice: 2 people, whose names are definitely not the same as mine, used my email address to book hotels through a well-known hotel company and a lesser-known hotel booking ...
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