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A cross-domain policy file is an XML document that grants a web client - such as Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, etc. - permission to handle data across multiple domains.

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Inconsistent behavior while attempting to exploit a misconfigured flash crossdomain.xml - URL of the misconfigured application. has an overly permissive crossdomain.xml at <?xml version="1.0"?> <!DOCTYPE cross-...
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Can I send/receive HTTP requests/responses with a subdomain on a crossdomain.xml file?

(I'll use in place of the actual domain as to not disclose any specific website vulnerability) I noticed on a website that their crossdomain.xml file allowed access from another website ...
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CSRF Bypass using ActionScript via weak CrossDomain.xml

I have a target which has weak CrossDomain.xml but it prevents CSRF attack looking at one of the custom HTTP headers. I found following actionscript on a couple of websites, which works perfectly ...
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Flash Cross-Domain Proof of Concept

In the past, I have been able to successfully test insecure Flash cross-domain policies by using tools such as the followings:
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cross-domain.xml file: Different policies in different directories

I came across cross-domain xml files on Vimeo and found that there are different policies on different directories. One on <?xml version="1.0" encoding="...
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Secure crossdomain for rtmp/flash streaming/wowza

I've been a bit lost. I have the following situation: Flash Player file is on crossdomain.xml is on Streaming is done ...
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