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Cyberwarfare has been defined as "actions by a nation-state to penetrate another nation's computers or networks for the purposes of causing damage or disruption", but other definitions also include non-state actors, such as terrorist groups, companies, political or ideological extremist groups, hacktivists, and transnational criminal organizations.

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BPFDoor injection point and containment

How to determine BPFdoor entrypoint?I used following link to detect it on host
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Is there any type of cyber attack for which the geographical distance between the attacker and the target matters?

Context I cannot remember the source, but it was most likely within the comments box for a clip about cyberattacks happening after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It was something along the lines: ...
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Is Power Failure an Environmental or Structural Threat?

According to the CySA SYBEX book, in chapter 1, power failures are listed as both environmental threats and structural threats... but which one is it? According to the book: Environment threats occur ...
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What should I do if I'm receiving Tiktok verification code even I don't use and have deleted the application in my android device?

What should I do if I'm receiving SMS on phone giving in verification code of TikTok app despite I have deleted and no longer use the application in my Android device? I got an international call ...
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how to create random request time delay in sqlmap?

How can i configure sql-map to try payloads at random time delay? as an example time between first and second request can be 0.10s and second and third might 0.25 and so on. i know there is --delay ...
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Is strategic cyber-warfare feasible today?

Cyber attacks that target a nation's infrastructure are a documented fact and as such a danger that political and military leadership across the world needs to worry about and act proactively. These ...
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Confirmed evidence of cyber-warfare using GPS history data

In its recent policy, the US Department of Defense has prohibited the use of GPS-featured devices for its overseas personnel. They explain it with a theory that commercial devices like smartphones or ...
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Are there technical reasons why state actors may be more able of carrying out malware cyberattacks against critical infrastructure, than individuals?

The US and the UK have publicly accused the Russian military of orchestrating attacks using the NotPetya malware: Foreign Office minister Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon said: "The UK government judges ...
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In light of Stuxnet, why did Iran use Windows? [closed]

I don't understand why these companies/places that should have high security standards use Windows. The only reason would be that it is a system requirement for some software or hardware. But in these ...
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About the Petya cyberattack: How exactly did the cyber attack unfold?

As far as Wikipedia has provided information, I understood, that the Petya malware was disguised as a PDF file, which the target machines were attempting to open. Assuming this is the case, did the ...
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Do Cyber Range(s) detect Business Logic Security Failures?

I had been studying Cyber Ranges for a while & found out there applicability in defense, military control systems, enterprise & in medical. I'm interested to know if the stimulation which is ...
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Detecting Tor Browser using SIEM

I'm looking for a possible way to identify Tor Browser activity using QRadar. We have Firewall integrated & IPS (Without Application Control. Hence not a possible option). I went through the link ...
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Mutually Assured Destruction and Cyber Warfare [closed]

During the Cold War, the U.S. and the former Soviet Union pursued a policy of mutually assured destruction (MAD). I am wondering if it is safe to assume that organizations such as the National ...
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What is the difference between cybersecurity and information security? [closed]

I'm trying to differenciate between those two themes : cybersecurity vs information security. Broadly speaking I'd say cybersec is about network security (TCP/IP, router, firewall,...) and infosec is ...
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What would be the effects of a limited Russian/US cyber conflict be on cyber-security professionals? [closed]

In an interview with NPR's Steve Inskeep that is airing Friday on Morning Edition, Obama said, "I think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our ...
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How information security/cyber security evolved for a Novice End user in the Last 10 Years [closed]

The main point to note is the type of laws that protect the users. Its main focus is My points of discussion include 1) Challenges faced in Cyber-security. 2) Evolution of cyber security over the ...
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Can you, with 100% certainty, guarantee the source location of a cyber attack?

There have been reports that American technology and cyber security experts have claimed that Russia is behind the recent cyber attacks on the United States, notably those aimed at influencing the ...
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Cyber security controls and Cyber insurance [closed]

Is there a minimum standard set of cyber security controls for compliance to cyber security insurance claims?
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Why are overused buzzwords like Cyber and Hacking still prevalent in our industry? [closed]

Proper terminology is important for anyone who wants to learn something. The best way to develop professionalism is to rely on a set of well defined technical terms. So it should be in any ...
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Information on the Elderwood Project/Platform [closed]

I've read Symantec's whitepaper on the Elderwood Project and the blog update on the Elderwood Platform. They both make for a very interesting read, especially in the zero-day exploit meta-analysis ...
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Example of a hacking attempt that failed because of a bug?

We hear all the time in popular press (and increasingly, in government publications + scholarly articles) about how "cyberattacks" make us insecure, because we have so many vulnerabilities (mostly ...
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Anatomy of a Cyber exercise and SOC

What exactly entails an incident response exercise (like a Red/Tiger team excercise)? How does it add value to a security operations center? Is there any good resource I can read up on how to set up a ...
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How to protect publicly placed NFC tags?

Recently, the appearance of public NFC tags are growing in major populated areas. The company I am currently working along side with wants to increase their advertisements with a NFC tag placed on the ...
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Is there a cyber equivalent to the JTLS?

Is there a cyber warfare equivalent to the JTLS? Is a "cyber range" the correct term for something like that?
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