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How to find out which data breach my password was in?

HIBP and my password manager both claim that a password that I am using has been seen in a data leak. Neither of them provide information about which data leak exactly my password was seen in. The ...
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Busines logic bypass issue

Good day, we deployed our app that has payment on it with a wallet system. We tried as much as possible to follow every security rule from server to code design. But yesterday we experienced a bridge ...
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Is there a security benefit to keeping data in separate tables?

Sorry if this is naïve , but the recent data leaks in Australia have me wondering. Question have been asked of Optus in particular (a local Telco) whether they really should have hung on to identity ...
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Why are environment variables safe after 2022 Heroku breach?

In their communication about the april 2022 breach (summary here), Heroku states that environment variables (other than Review apps and CI variables) were safe because they are encrypted at rest. We ...
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My email listed in a breach on sites I do not recognize ever sign into. What happen?

I use Firefox Monitor to keep me updated if my email ever turn up on breaches or data dumps. It curates breaches data from many sources and cross reference our email to check if our email turn up on ...
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Effective ways to hash phone numbers?

Suppose a company wants to implement 2FA for it's users using phone number OTP system, but does not really want to store their phone numbers as it could get breached and phone numbers are considered ...
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What should I do if my sensitive information is potentially leaked?

I sold an laptop recently, but didn’t care to do a secure erase to make sure there wasn’t any data left. After a long time, I suddenly realized that I shouldn’t have be so careless and began to worry ...
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Can Identity Theft Protection Services Get Hacked?

I recently was dumbfounded by a question whether identity theft protection services can get hacked. Me and my family we're T-Mobile customers in the US and after the recent T-Mobile hack we got free ...
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How bad is it if HaveIBeenPwned reports pwned accounts that aren't mine? [duplicate]

Just for kicks, I recently entered my email in HaveIBeenPwned, figuring that there have been enough data breaches in enough places over the years that it would probably turn up something just by the ...
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