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Questions tagged [data-link-layer]

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Switch security - Multicast brute force attack and random frame attack

I came across these attacks, but every explanation I come across lacks clarity Random Frame-Stress Attack: A large number of packets is generated, randomly varying several fields within each packet ...
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Force A Reply WPA/WPA2

I am working on an open source project, and am currently stumped. Let’s say I have a client connect to a wireless WPA network I am not authenticated to the wireless network I just have a wireless card ...
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How Data Link layer trailer prevents data from being intercepted and tampers

I am reading on, it is talking about OSI model. It said that Data Link layer trailer can increase security as the data can't be intercepted and tampered. ...
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Would it be possible to create an external mac address spoofer?

I was wondering if it would be possible to create some sort of ethernet passthrough device, but this device also functions as a layer 2 mac address spoofer, which can be used with any device without ...
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Is the perfect MITM attack possible?

Let's imagine a data link layer level MITM attack. Is it possible to fulfill all of the following points? you completely hide your identity by forging your own MAC address you create malformed ...
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Can you scan unmanaged switches with vulnerability scanners?

The target switches do not have IP addresses and most scanners require IPs as targets. Can you scan unmanaged switches with vulnerability scanners? What scanners can target layer 2?
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MITM using ARP spoofing with Kali Linux running on VirtualBox with bridged wifi network adapter

At home I have two laptops (running on Windows). With one laptop (attacking laptop) I try to get in the middle of the connection of other laptop (victim laptop). To do this is run Kali Linux in a ...
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How to identify L2 devices in a Wide Area Network?

This is sample of a traceroute to TraceRoute from to [] Hop (ms) (ms) (ms) IP Address Host name 1 0 0 0 ...
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