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for securing sensitive data in motion, or for securing the process and infrastructure for transferring the data.

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Verify the safety of old back ups

I have an old laptop that I've been using since high school, and for a long time I wasn't careful with how I used it. Namely, I shared USBs with friends and teachers for assignments and presentations, ...
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What is the most secure way to transfer untrusted data between containers?

Let's suppose we have two containers running on a linux box and one has untrusted user data that the other needs to process. What is the most secure way to transfer this data? Is it better to write ...
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Securely transfer a file to a server via PHP

I'm trying to extract a specific dataset via a daily cronjob written in PHP (by extracting the data from a MariaDB DB), and transfer it onto another server D which is externally available to a client. ...
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Upload Private Key into Web App

I am developing a web application that is integrating with a third-party that does not have OAuth capability, but instead use a variety of account IDs and keys to generate tokens for API calls. On the ...
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On Gmail I received an Incoming TLS Encrypted Message. Will my reply be encrypted by default to different email provider?

If I receive an incoming TLS encrypted message from another email provider like outlook/hotmail, will my reply in transit from gmail to outlook/hotmail be encrypted by default as well?
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Unidirectional continuous data transfer to an air-gapped computer

What would be a way to transfer files in one direction from internet-facing computerA => air-gapped computerB to protect the files on computerB from unauthorised disclosure, short of using an ...
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How to securely transfer cookies between two domains?

Let's say you have a website which is being decommissioned and redirected to Your users have a cookie on which contains some authentication ...
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How can I double check security against a TLS on a public IP?

Dilemma We are setting up a docker registry server for our company as per these official indications: We are ...
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RSA Key, String vs Hex vs Base64 vs byte-array represantational form

....key is normally a string of bits used by a cryptographic algorithm to transform plain text into cipher text or vice versa.... Suppose I have a Backend ...
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Encrypting a blob with a password

Is there anything to say against to have an amount of public keys, which encrypt a common password for a blob encrypted? So Users 1,2,3 have all certificates for themselves and can use them to get ...
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What is the safest and most convenient way to transfer data from my computer to "unknown" USB devices?

I recently attended a friends wedding. As a gift to the couple I filmed lots of things and edited the clips into a montage of the big day. Thankfully they loved it and I have had requests from a ...
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How to securely transfer data from a public website, to a VPN-secured website?

I'm (currently) a VPN newby. I have a VPS with a few websites on it, hosted by liquid web. I have installed a medical records package (openEMR) in a sub-domain, in its own cPanel account. I intend to ...
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Secure algorithm for transferring data between users via QR Code

I'm building a mobile application that transfers points between users via QRCode. I'm concerned about security and am looking for effective simple yes secure algorithm to use. The scenario should be ...
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Is it more blessed to send than retrieve emails? Mandatory-TLS transmission vs IMAP over SSL retrieval

A client (another company) wants us to send them info via email regularly (hundreds of emails a day). They requested emails because each email will create a separate ticket in their task management ...
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Secure data transfer to internal network

I need to transfer data originally from the internet that is first transported to a DMZ, then from the DMZ into an internal network. The data is basically real-time data that is needed on the internal ...
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Is there a way to safely exchange two different digital assets like a revolving door?

In real life it would be like putting two items at the opposite sides of a revolving door, you turn it and they can be exchanged safely. Not only that, if the door is made out of glass, you can pretty ...
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