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A data center is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems.

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How do we protect digital data (whether in critical online/offline data centre or personal disk) from man-made EMPs? [duplicate]

How do we protect digital data (whether in critical online/offline data centre or personal disk) from man-made EMPs, such as nuclear EMPs, non-nuclear EMPs weapons, etc. Is E1 EMP indefensible?
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is iptable whitelisting secure enough in AWS

Suppose my app is hosted on multiple servers, within the same data center (say in AWS or DigitalOcean). To secure communication between these servers, I use iptable to whitelist each other's IP. ...
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How to protect network equipment in public spaces?

I'm curious whether there are standards or recommended best practices to protect network equipment that has to be left unattended and outside (of a secure data-center environment) for example for ...
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Is it Possible to Prevent a Physcial Attack on Server in Remote Data Center?

I've been using Amazon Web Services to run my Java application. However, due to high costs I'm looking into getting a dedicated server from Hetzner, a company based in Germany, which costs about 10-...
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Restricting source code exposure

Say you do not trust the data center technicians (or management) but have no other option than hosting your web application with them. Also, say you want to keep certain files inaccessible to people ...
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Are there any standards that *require* companies to use specific Uptime Institute Tiers for data centers?

I'm studying for the CCSP exam and am currently reviewing The Uptime Institute Tiers. The tiers themselves make sense but from a practical perspective, I'm curious if any standards/regulations ...
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Any concern for not locking or even closing the rack door inside private cage of DataCenter?

Recently, a customer asks for not closing and not locking his rent rack inside a cage of data center, is there any reason to reject his request due to security reason? Since the rack is inside ...
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Sniffing unencrypted traffic in datacenter

Please explain how is it possible to sniff packets from within the datacenter. Some background. I am studying networking options for DigitalOcean. My goal is to make sure that data exchange between ...
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Does routers, firewalls log dedicated server connections?

I would like to learn about logging policy of datacenters about dedicated servers? Is it possible to log every connection/port to dedicated servers by datacenters with using routers/firewalls? Or is ...
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Data 'dust' left over other than on the HDD?

I was working on a project which contained very classified information. I am now planning on using the computer for personal work but I'm worried that replacing the HDD won't be enough. Is there any ...
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Is internal or external hosting more secure? [closed]

I have been looking for a while to find out the number of malicious attacks that have been successful against internal vs externally hosted web and SQL solutions. When I say internal, I mean the ...
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Can personnel who manage AWS datacenters access my ec2 instances and monitor data in use in my application?

I am building an Express (NodeJS) app and plan to host with AWS ec2. I want to protect my users' data as much as possible and am considering even outlier scenarios. And so the question arose: The ec2 ...
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Preventing outgoing Portscan/SYN/UDP Floods in the datacenter

We are a VPS hosting company that have servers housed in a datacenter in Germany. Currently we are receiving multiple take-down requests because customers are ports scanning or attacking servers ...
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Can all of Facebook's data be wiped out? [closed]

Is there a possibility that Facebook's entire data could ever be wiped out by a team of malicious individuals or even a government? Remotely or physically. If so, how do you think they would go about ...
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How to secure data in a stolen raid disk?

I quote from this article Forget about hacking – your servers might get stolen: Are data centers as secure as they want you to think? Though security is often a selling-point for many data ...
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How to securely provide data to a web server using a data warehouse?

We have a data warehouse that stores prices for our products. Once every business day, new data points are added representing the day's price for each product. On the website, a user sees this ...
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Secure the Datacenter, untrust the LAN?

In a scenario where you have a Wireless network provisioned as untrusted behind a firewall, using VPNs to reach the trusted Datacenter. Does anyone have an reason why this should/not be expanded to ...
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AWS VPC - should connections between instances be over SSL?

Say I have a few EC2 instances in an AWS VPC network, each assigned its own private address for the subnet at creation. Say one of them is a DB, and another one some kind of web app talking to the DB. ...
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Can we just provide VM snapshopts to LEA

Currently Law enforcement agencies (LEA) take your entire server (or perhaps all servers) in a VPS/Cloud or multi-tenant situation. Have we thought of any policy guidelines where VM images/snapshots ...
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Home "datacenter" security, where and what to look for?

This is a question to learn more about security management and physical security. I'm running a small serverroom in the basement at home, mainly as testbed for attacks I dont want to try on live ...
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Recommendations for hosting highly sensitive data

I am doing some investigation on hosting sensitive data. Mostly finance and fund data but at a personal level. This will be a secure website where users will be able to login and view their fund ...
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