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A default password is a password used on a system when it is delivered or installed, often with the intention that the end user should change it upon first use. Default passwords are common on routers and webcams, among others.

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Using Nikto to scan for default credentials on Tomcat

I am practicing initial access & privilege escalation using legacy vulnerabilities, particularly the RCE vulnerability on the Tomcat Manager. I have been trying to use Nikto to first scan the ...
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Why does having default router credentials pose a risk? [duplicate]

When I got to I am greeted with my router login page and can go change some settings. Now let's say I still have the factory default login something like "admin", "...
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Why the need to hardcode passwords? [closed]

Many IOT devices and routers manufacturers hardcode plaintext default passwords in their devices. Why don't they store the hashed password instead? For what functionality do they need the plaintext ...
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How secure are the default, randomized passwords that ISP routers come with?

Did a little searching an could not find an answer to this. A lot of ISPs these days are providing combination router/modem units, and they come with a pre-configured password that is a random string ...
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How long would it take to brute force an 11 character single-case alphanumeric password?

My previous home wifi router's WPA2 password was permanently fixed to FZ4HBCKHGC8. How long would it take to crack via brute force? Or more pragmatically: How long would it take to exhaust all ...
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Asus tablet/laptop [closed]

I need to crack my Asus. My roommate put a password on it and I can't figure it out. The password hint on the login page says crazed. If anybody knows how to get in this M.F. P.O.S. It would be ...
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How dangerous is an unsecured printer to a network?

I have booted up a brand new printer and me being curious I checked out it's web-interface by typing its IP address in the URL. Poking around, I notice a few things. There is no password set for ...
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IoT devices with public IP?

My understanding of worms like Mirai is the following: Try to telnet/ssh into random IPs using default user/pass credentials from various router/IoT manufacturers If you get in, do Bad Things™. It ...
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What if IoT devices are fabricated with random passwords?

Considering the Dyn DDOS attack which was possible because the IoT devices have poor default passwords, will it be a solution if the company who produces the devices might generate random default ...
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Is it dangerous to use default router admin passwords if only trusted users are allowed on the network?

There are a lot of articles addressing the dangers of default router admin passwords. Certain security applications will also detect default router admin passwords as a vulnerability. However, these ...
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Calculating permutations of a hexadecimal character set [closed]

How long would it take to run through all permutations/combinations of a ten character set; assuming the character-set is limited to a hexadecimal alphabet? (i.e. 16 characters {0..9}{A..F}; eg. ...
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What is the point of making a complicated PUBLIC password?

I have downloaded a couple of Virtual Machine images from, in order to test different versions of Internet Explorer. When running these images, a complete Windows environment is ...
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Danger of default router password

How bad is it to not change the default home router password? Are there any concrete dangers? Are there any attacks directly resulting out of the use of default passwords, not vulnerabilities in the ...
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Is there a repository of credentials used in training materials/samples and SDKs?

Similar to a default password list for network appliances, it's conceivable that application layer passwords are default from training materials given to a developer. In fact, I have discovered ...
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How do I determine whether a Linux-based router still has the default password? [duplicate]

My goal is to check if the password used by admin is the default password. I work on a Linux-based router. I know the password is stored as a hashed value in /etc/passwd. In generic Linux machines, /...
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