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Data Execution Prevention, any technique to protect data from being executed as code, thus preventing some exploits.

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Do programs run in Linux in Wine benefit from DEP and ASLR?

Do programs run in Linux in Wine benefit from mitigation techniques DEP and ASLR?
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Bypass DEP using NtSetInformationProcess on last Windows XP SP3 Pro update

Following the example of corelan team ROP version 2 (I was able to perform version 1):
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Using .data segment for Code Execution with DEP Enable

Sorry if this seems like a silly question. I am working on practicing backdooring applications for a cert I am working on, and one of the methods is to use existing code caves. The issue is, these ...
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Buffer overflow and register contents?

I am doing an exam practice question, suppose I have a function like; void func(char* arg) { char buf[32]; strcpy(buf, arg); } command break func: -buf begins at 0xbffebfb0 -(gdb) x/2wx $...
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