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Is Marshal.load safe for Marsha.dumped data

I want to serialize and deserialize models that contain user input. Marshal is a serialization library built into Ruby. By design, ::load can deserialize almost any class loaded into the Ruby process....
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Why is there no fix for the commons beanutils Java deserialization gadget?

I recently came across a vulnerability which was caused by unsafe deserialization (Java) and the use of the Apache Commons library commons-beanutils. The ysoserial project references commons-beanutils ...
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How to decode ysoserial .net payload

Is there any way to decode ysoserial .net payload? For instance I'm creating payload with: ysoserial.exe -f BinaryFormatter -o base64 -c "ping" -g WindowsIdentity Is there any ...
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Exploit CVE-2020-0688 for older versions

I wanted to exploit my IIS CVE-2020-0688, which I saw that the key is the same as advertised. The problem is that my IIS is old, and uses AppPool of .NET 2 and not .NET 4. Also I can use only GET as ...
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How do gadget chains work in relation to Java Deserialization attacks?

tl;dr I would love a detailed explanation how user-controlled input goes from readObject to RCE. Java-specific. The background This is my attempt to add specificity to the OP question as requested in ...
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How does "./" affects signature generation for files, in a PHP based web application?

I am solving a lab related to serialization vulnerabilities. It deals with retrieving files based on the signature. The theory of the lab states as quoted, "Adding ./ will still give you the same ...
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JSON.Net insecure deserialization

I have a question in regard to insecure deserialization with the JSON.Net component. It is my understanding that this component is safe by default unless you specify the TypeNameHandling setting to ...
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