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How to set up DNS encryption on my home router? [migrated]

I set up OpenWRT on my Belkin RT3200 and I want to have quad9 encrypted DNS with dnssec and Secure SNI, but I could not figure out how to set up DNScrypt correctly on my router and I'm not sure if ...
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Should I be worried about Ignoring query from non-local network in dnsmasq?

I am using a DNS forwarder, it's not open to the WWW (runs only in the LAN) and in the dnsmasq logs I noticed something off: Ignoring query from non-local network Has my network been breached? ...
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DNS spoofing protection in Chrome and Firefox

I'm using hostapd to setup a wireless access point and dnsmasq as a DNS/DHCP server. I defined in dnsmasq to reply with the IP of the access point ( when it receives a query for www....
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Issue establishing a working AP with Airbase-ngand DNSmasq

I’m able to run airbase-ng, set DNSmasq with a customized config file that includes dhcp options 3, and 6, with the actual router IP address of the network that has internet, and added public DNS ...
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How can I add a custom domain to an SAN for a certificate for consul domains like active.vault.service.consul?

Say one has a service provided by Consul, for which active.[name-of-service].service.consul is the link it provides to the active host leader for that service. How would I properly set up TLS to that ....
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DNS sending queries to weird IP

I have noticed some strange activity on a dns server of mine and wanted to pick some brains. Every request being made to this dns server has an additional udp packet being sent to an ec2 IP address in ...
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Proper method of block ads/tracking on VPN Server for Clients

I´m running a VPN service on Debian(for a few friends) as kind of like a self learning project to gather more experience running a secure and highly available service. At the moment OpenVPN pushes ...
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