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Does a docker socket proxy improve security?

It's dangerous to expose the docker socket to a container, as malicious code could break out into the host. There are various ways to avoid this; a simple/popular approach is to use a proxy between ...
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Security of untrusted Docker containers

If I want to run untrusted code inside a Docker container, or an untrusted Docker container for that matter, how can I restrict it? I'd like to make sure it has no access to the host filesystem. ...
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Docker: How to download & verify a publisher's root key (out-of-band, distinct-domain cryptographic verification, WoT)

For a given publisher of docker images on Docker Hub (let's say debian), how do I download their root release/image signing key and verify its authenticity from multiple sources out-of-band from each-...
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How can I pass secrets to a compromised container without the attacker being able to see them?

The most common method of passing secrets to a docker container is through ENVs. The problem is: Imagine that your docker container is hosting a HTTP server that can have a security exploit (like any ...
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Securing docker containers on private LAN

I am using docker to run a few server apps on a raspberryPi with ports exposed to the open internet. If an attacker were to successfully infiltrate my docker containers, I would like to be certain ...
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How to pin public root key when downloading an image with docker pull (Docker Content Trust)?

How can I execute docker pull (with Docker Content Trust enabled) such that it fails if the image doesn't have a valid signature using the private key corresponding to (or subordinate to) the public ...
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How to list all of the known root keys in docker (Docker Content Trust)

How can I list all of the Docker Content Trust root keys on my system? I am setting up a CI process that will use the debian:stable-latest docker image to build my application's releases in ephemeral ...
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