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privacy - Which parts of URL is protected by HTTPS? [duplicate]

Assuming the website I visit uses HTTPS, which parts of the URL is protected from the eyes of my ISP? eg; I know that (and probably ...
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3 answers

Is it technically possible to configure two different SSL certificates for the same domain?

Say I have these URLs: I want the first one to be served with a domain validated commercial SSL certificate and the second one with an extended ...
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8 votes
4 answers

A security warning when accessing a site through IP

When I go to, everything works normal. As soon as I access the same site using its IP address (, I get a security warning (even if I write something like https:...
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Can someone read my E-Mail if I lose ownership of my domain?

Let's assume I have a server set up with an email address like me@mydomain.tld. Now I have distributed my business card with the e-mail address to all people all over the world and they keep sending ...
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Impersonating a computer in a Windows domain

I've been trying to wrap my head around how computers are identified and granted access to a Windows domain. More specifically, I've been asking myself if whatever mechanism is involved really ...
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5 votes
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How much can I trust domain registrars to honor Whois identity protection services?

Domain name registrars offer whois ID protection services. I do plan to use such a service. But as I'm a relative newbie to the domain name registration world, I don't know whether I can trust it. ...
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Finding phishing sites to certain domain

My work currently involve finding phishing site to a certain domain/ company. I was wondering if there are some tools/ Online services that I can use to find phishing sites. I would like to know; ...
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Cookie domain security

Recently, I started diving into cookies, but as far as the domain property is concerned I don't think it is straightforward. I read this article:
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