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Securing the doors of a room or building

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Access Control Badges -- Plain or Printed IDs?

My question is around best practices and risks regarding labelled employee ID badges and access control systems. My company is moving into a new office, and it has an access control system with ...
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Is it safe to learn new keyfob by its normal open code (rolling-code)?

Part of a wireless door opener, the receiver Doorhan DHRE-2 works, according to description, with the rolling code. It looks like the receiver can register a new keyfob by listening to its normal ...
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Securely determine my smart phone's position (in front of the door)

I am theoretically thinking about automatically unlocking the house door via smart phone. Without the need to fiddle with the smart phone (opening an app, pressing a button). There is a commercially ...
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How secure is BLE for a door lock

I am interested in setting up a trigger that can unlock door locks using an iPhone. The lock and unlock mechanism is not an issue as I have an API end point for this once authorized it is more an ...
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Can a lock picker slowly undermine the security of a deadbolt door?

I have a space for computers secured with a simple deadbolt. Someone keeps coming to pick the lock. While working there, I have scared them away three times. There are cameras, but not in useful ...
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What risks are there with a Bluetooth based door lock, and are there any mitigations?

There are a few interesting Bluetooth door locks on the market that use version Bluetooth 4.0 however there seems to be a few issues with this E0 Encryption flaws Risks during pairing Attacks unique ...
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Door locks & deadbolt appropriate for exterior office door with decorative glass next to it

Suppose I have an office door that has decorative glass on one side of the door. The risk to me is that the window pane could be shattered and a gloved hand can manually unlock and open the door from ...
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Risks of Mullions in High Security Areas

I have a storage space full of information assets. The room itself is sound; there are no windows, the walls go all the ceiling, and there is only a single entrance with two good stout doors and high ...
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Cheap door logging for home?

Does someone here knows a cheap DIY door logging system? What I have: - 2 doors that needs to be logged - 1 netbook (running OpenBSD with internet connection & root permissions), the two doors ...
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