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DRM (digital rights management) is the enforcement of restrictions on access control to data through technical means, such as copy protection.

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4 answers

Are there DRM techniques to effectively prevent pirating?

A question on Skeptics.SE asks whether current DRM techniques effectively prevent pirating: Is DRM effective? The question for IT Security is: Can DRM be made effective, and are there any examples? ...
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Prevent my site from being copied

Is it possible to protect my site from HTTrack Website Copier or any similar program? Without setting a max number of HTTP request from users.
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8 votes
3 answers

Image steganography and tracking

We are running an online-press media-library. On this site many brands are uploading images and track press users download and views per image. But some brand now want to add unique code in image so ...
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Discouraging users from copying images off a website?

Let me begin by stating that I'm aware it's extremely tedious or virtually impossible to prevent individuals from pirating content. I'm working on a website for a client who is a relatively well ...
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How does DRM stop copying?

I've been doing some research into some DRM solutions, specifically "self-protecting containers". One example of this is DigiBox. Normally, the protected data is encrypted in some kind of container. ...
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Preventing License protection circumvention in Java software

A software (written in Java) by a vendor uses DSA signature to verify that the license information is correct. It achieves this by embedding the public key in the same Java software. Legit license ...
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How to use FDE without needing to share the encryption password

We have an AI model which needs to be deployed on premise. The hardware will be provided by us, so we can do what ever we want on the device. The device is a mini PC running Ubuntu 18.04. The UI is ...
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Can I add 'user-identifying noise' to MP3 files to determine which user shared my file, if I find it later on the internet?

Problem I'm streaming MP3 files to users. Users are not allowed to share these files. I know that it's in the end impossible to not let anyone download the files. That's not the problem, people can ...
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18 votes
1 answer

How difficult is it to intercept the POST response body when SSL is used?

For an Android application that is performing POST requests (JSON) over SSL and receiving a JSON object as a response, how difficult is it to get the JSON response? Is the easiest way to decompile ...
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What role does cryptography play in anti-piracy?

As a follow-up to Cipher for Product Registration, are there secure yet usable cryptographic standards/protocols for protecting software and data used by software? I'm interested in hardware and ...
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How far can we go in preventing videos from spreading out using P2P networks like BitTorrent?

Everyday, I see many of my friends downloading movies off P2P networks like BitTorrent. Isn't there any way for those hardworking movie producers to save their work from being distributed like this? ...
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1 answer

What is the security/copy protection model for streaming media services?

I realize this is a broad question, but maybe there is a simple answer From my understanding, Streaming media services such as Amazon instant video, Netflix, and others do all decryption client side. ...
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How to prevent source code theft in web application development

I'm developing a webapplication working with PHP, SQL DB and other technologies. I'm always considering someone stealing the source code or using it to other means. How can you prevent someone from ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How secure will EME be?

EME is a technology to allow proprietary code to be run in browser to frustrate piracy. What are the security implications of this? Will it have full access to my computer (like the good-ol' ActiveX ...
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How do OTT providers protect LIVE streams?

For Video on Demand, DRM seems the way to go. I've been told that providers might be using a token-based system, but I haven't found any provider so far that uses token, just DRM (except Akamai, ...
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1 vote
5 answers

Snapchat clone: How do I secure pre-downloaded notifications so that they cannot be opened outside of the app?

Say I'm making a snapchat clone app for Android and iOS. Let's say that I get a snapchat from Baz. I want to pre-download the audio for this snapchat. However, as the developer, I want to secure this ...
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3 answers

Securing a video using encryption

Videos uploaded on Youtube or any other video streaming website can be easily downloaded by using 3rd party software. In order to prevent the viewers from sharing the video to unauthorised people. I ...
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Refuse download request, but allow use online

How can I let end-users listening to my website's musics to play the songs, but reject their request if they are going to download the song via download manager or etc.? For example, it would be nice ...
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How to prevent illegal file transfer or copying of video files from a PC? [closed]

I have developed a windows desktop application using VB.NET. My applications main purpose is to play videos. I have some videos which has copyrights on them, that are not suppose to be distributed or ...
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