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Do all sites offer something like recovery codes? [closed]

I've always given two-factor authentication a wide berth because of my experience with it; with Dropbox, for example, they want an e-mail confirmation when I log in, but eight minutes pass until I ...
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Secure way to transfer all of my Dropbox files to my Koofr account

I want to securely Transfer my Dropbox files to Koofr. What's the best way to do this? Here some additional information: My Dropbox file are not encrypted. Koofr can connect directly to Dropbox. Do ...
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Tails anonymous filesharing

I performed some research on file sharing and anonymity, but it turns out anything I read is not about what I need. Most articles and forums recommend not to use services like Google Drive or Dropbox, ...
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Is there an optimised yet safe way to transfer bulk data from DropBox to OneDrive?

The brute force way to do this is to download all data from DropBox to a local PC and then re-upload to OneDrive, but I see there are "cloud based" solutions (i.e. cloudfuze, uBackup), which I assume ...
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Is it still not advisable to use recent versions of EncFS >1.7 to encrypt Dropbox?

I'd like to use EncFS to encrypt files synced with Dropbox. Unfortunately, its Wikipedia page mentions security concerns from an audit of version 1.7: EncFS is ...
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Dropbox ransomware experience

How Dropbox handles ransomware issues? Can it effectively restore files encrypted by ransomware? The reason I am asking is because I am looking for a bullet-proof solution against ransomware and ...
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What happens if a Dropbox folder is encrypted by WannaCrypt / WannaCry?

Does one's Dropbox "data in the cloud" also get encrypted?
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Best practice for using Veracrypt on Dropbox

I have a Dropbox account subscription so I have a lot of space to use and I basically put everything there. There are somethings (personal health / finance) that I want to keep protected myself so I ...
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Is it safe to have a TrueCrypt container file synced with DropBox?

I'm planning to store my sensitive files to the cloud. I don't trust the already-made end-to-end encrypted file storage. I only trust TrueCrypt. Assuming that TrueCrypt itself is safe, would it be ...
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Company name is used in Dropbox invoice scam

People, not employees or users, just ordinary people with no relation to us, have been getting scam emails, prompting them to open and download a link from Dropbox. I think this link contains files ...
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Why does Google Authenticator have different codes on different devices? [duplicate]

I just recovered from a headache after realizing the code given by Google Authenticator on my new phone is different than the one on my old phone. Given how it works I thought they would be the same ...
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EncFS vs EFS advantages for Dropbox-seamless encryption

I am considering a solution for securing my private data in Dropbox. In spite of OneDrive, MEGA and AmazonCloud are also being considered but now I put my focus on Dropbox as the most feature-rich of ...
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How to prevent corruption from ruining synced backups

I thought I was being clever keeping my password database stored on dropbox. This is because it's synced to the cloud and multiple computers. But when one got corrupted, I lost everything. (Ok I ...
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Infecting synchronized devices through the cloud

I have a laptop with Windows installed and iPhone both synchronised to Dropbox. Also I use Google Drive app on my phone and on my laptop I access Drive using browser. Which way of using cloud is more ...
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Is it safe to use Dropbox in its present state?

For the record, I understand that absolutely no service is safe, and "the only way to keep a computer from getting hacked is to never connect it to the network". So, we've got that out of the way. I ...
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Dropbox between unaware collaborators

I share Dropbox directories with about 20 individuals. Most of them has malware on their PC's. How do I protect myself? I have noticed there is a worm ( that replicates itself to all the ...
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Is EncFS secure for encrypting Dropbox?

I've encrypted my Dropbox folder with EncFS according to a few tutorials I found on the web, advocating this approach. But I've found the following critical statement concerning EncFS's security in ...
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