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Is there a good way to store OAuth2 tokens for a native application?

Currently I have a native PC application that builds and uploads a configuration to an embedded Linux device (i.e. the client). This device connects to Google Calendar via their OAuth2 API. The ...
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Password for embedded devices in automatic deployment

We are working with commercial embedded devices, where we install our software. Then, they are deployed in different client sites. The embedded devices have an Ethernet port and a console port for ...
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IoT Device Authentication

I am working on an IoT device and companion app to control features on the device. I'm using an ESP32 MCU - I've implemented a JSON REST API on HTTPS over TLS 1.2 with a self signed ...
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Storing a key in SRAM in an embedded device

I'm working on an embedded device which need to decrypt a file in USB stick using a secret key. I read many questions about storing a key in embedded device and found that it's secure to store a key ...
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GPG - Use case for embedded system

I'm looking to add encryption to an embedded data logger and I'd really appreciate some advice to make sure that my approach is reasonable/secure. The user will load a GPG public key onto the device. ...
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Encrypting OTA software updates files for embedded devices

I need to encrypt and send update files of the order of 100K from a server, through a mobile app, to low power wireless embedded devices (32 bit). The file transfers will be infrequent. The mobile ...
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MbedTls - keeping context private?

Let's assume we're running on mbed system with internal and external RAM. Dumping external RAM is much more easier for attacker on such systems when debug ports are locked. I'm wondering if the ...
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minimum resource requirements for a TLS handshake

What are the minimum resource requirements to to a TLS handshake? Is it possible to do a full TLS handshake on very low powered devices? Are there any sources on this? Can TLS be configured in some ...
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How dm-verity can be implemented on server?

I found out there's such thing as dm-verity and that it's used in various embed devices like phones. While I think it's quite fair that embeds can have some ROM memory that can't be modified and it ...
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Industry average for security as a percentage of product budget?

Lets assume the product is pure software or a blend of software and cheap commodity hardware. Is there any work showing what the average industry spending is on just the security aspects as a ...
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what are the locations to store symmetric keys on the embedded controller without HSM or certs involvement?

I am trying to find the locations on the embedded devices with micros that don't support HSM/SHE. What are the ideas/suggestions for storing the symmetric keys? I found solutions that suggest using ...
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What is a good common approach for encrypted backup/restore on an embedded device?

An embedded device with Linux supports backup/restore of files encrypted with openssl. The idea of backup is: tar -c .... | openssl smime -encrypt -binary -aes-256-cbc -out backupfile.encrypted -...
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Addressing SSL/TLS vulnerabilities in IoT Device client side implementation

I understand SSL/TLS is the most commonly data transmission protocol for a secured communication. I need to implement the same in one of the IoT device (ARM® Cortex®-M4 Core at 80 MHz). This will be ...
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Why, in a certificate, TBS is before alg id?

From an embedded systems point of view it is inefficient to put the alg ID after TBS data in a certificate since an embedded system may not have a lot of hashing implementation and thus may not be ...
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Are weak entropy sources worth it?

I maintain an operating system that can be deployed to embedded devices with highly diverse capabilities. One of the aspects of porting the OS to a device is declaring the available entropy sources (...
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Does MS14-066 affect CE versions of Windows?

I'm aware of the impact of MS14-066 to Windows servers/workstations, and have managed the patching our of desktop networks. However, I am concerned that our Windows CE systems may also be affected, ...
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is encrypted body http secure

I'm working on an embedded project that needs to communicate with a server. Both the server and the device have an AES key pre-installed. I have a network device that provides http services but not ...
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