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Encryption is the process of transforming plaintext using a cipher to make it unreadable to anyone except those possessing the key.

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For users that does not use PGP, what would be the other channel to securely send them a document?

I would like to send a document that is confidential to users that have no clue what PGP is (so no point in teaching them how to install it etc...) via email. The real question is how to do that? ...
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7 answers

How to secure a WiFi network?

What do I have to do to secure a WiFi network? Is there any best practices? I have been recommended to use WPA2 encryption on the router, is that enough? What can I do to improve the security even ...
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How effective is iPhone 3GS and 4 device-at-rest encryption?

My primary goal is to protect Activesync-based communication from being copied or stolen from an offline device. In that context how effective is iPhone 3GS and 4 encryption?
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2 answers

Encrypting a Database's Primary Key when sent to the browser

When dealing with either an oData-based application (ADO.NET Data Services), or something that otherwise publishes the PrimaryKey, or ForeignKey to the client... Can someone explain to me be benefits ...
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What security settings are likely used in Obama's Blackberry?

It's widely publicised that Obama has a blackberry, but it isn't clear to me what security settings are employed by the NSA or what private businesses can learn from his configuration? What is known, ...
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5 answers

Database Encryption Security

I am encrypting and decrypting my database data from my web applications API. If my web server is compromised, what is to keep someone from using that same method to retrieve the data? For example, ...
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The AES Crypt implementation hashes a password 8192 times to generate the key. Is this necessary?

I'm considering encrypting some small files (hundreds of kb apiece) using the AES Crypt reference implementation. Looking at the source, it seems that the encryption key is derived from the IV and the ...
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39 votes
6 answers

How secure are my passwords in the hands of Firefox using a Master Password?

I'm relying on Firefox to remember my passwords, using a Master Password of more than 25 characters. How secure is this set-up?
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Advantages and disadvantages of Stream versus Block Ciphers

Encryption algorithms such as Blowfish,AES,RC4,DES and Seal are implemented in one of two categories of ciphers. What are the advantages/disadvantages to the type of ciphers?
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4 answers

IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) facts

Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) is a successor of the ISO standard Network Layer Security Protocol (NLSP). What are the advantages, disadvantages, other interesting facts regarding the protocol?
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3 answers

How does a crypter for bypassing antivirus detection work?

I am talking about crypters used to encrypt files like viruses and keyloggers for the sole purpose of bypassing antivirus detection. How do they work?
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What is the benefit with using encrypted RAM?

I sometimes hear that encryption is used for the RAM, but I don't really understand why this is needed. Why is RAM needed to be encrypted? And is this done by the hardware, the operating system or ...
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Encrypting a disk that has stuff on it?

Ok, so a pretty big disk ~1-2TB (90% full, multiple partitions + 2 operating systems on it), needs to be encrypted and zeroed-out, and it's a bit too much data for backing it all up before encryption. ...
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What kinds of SSL certificates are usable for encryption?

I know that Verizon SSL certificates cost close to $600. There are couple of cheap alternatives, but I never really understood why Verizon does not offer such certificates. Look for RapidSSL at ...
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8 answers

Do secure phone lines exist?

I could be out of context here about security, but , I would like to know if phone lines or phone calls over VOIP could be made secure . I know that Skype and other VOIP service providers have to ...
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How can I check that my cookies are only sent over encrypted https and not http?

I read a blog post GitHub moves to SSL, but remains Firesheepable that claimed that cookies can be sent unencrypted over http even if the site is only using https. They write that a cookie should be ...
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