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Questions tagged [end-points]

Endpoints are the systems that exist at the end of communications systems, like workstations and mobile devices, as opposed to intermediary systems such as load-balancers, routers, etc. In security, endpoints nearly always refer to the client end (mobile phones, laptops, workstations, etc.)

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Comprehensive endpoint network-layer security

I'm not sure what the exact verbiage is to describe what I'm looking for so forgive me. But I'm looking for a solution for a small-ish office (think ~25-50 person SMB). The staff use laptops and those ...
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What "indicators of compromise" are there that end users can diagnose themselves?

I'm responsible for the IT security of a small (~5 users) office, and I'm preparing training materials for our users. Obviously, the first step my users should do if anything seems suspicious is to ...
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How can we restrict users from copying "non-allowed" file types from USB?

We blocked USB ports on most of the devices using Intune. However, a subset of users requires USB access due to their job scope which requires them to copy images from their cameras to their PCs. Is ...
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Kusto to Osquery translator?

Osquery is a great open standard for collecting data from endpoints, using SQL syntax. Kusto is a new Microsoft language for collecting data from Windows endpoints, using syntax which is almost--but ...
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How to secure an enpoint to prevent programatic calls from the client?

We have a game that is built on the client side. People who get past a certain level are eligible to enter a raffle. This is done by sending a request to an endpoint from the client once they get past ...
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Security Tools - File Encryption vs Corruption

When security tools quarantine files, why do they tend to use encryption, rather than simple file corruption? The main goal of quarantining a file is to make it impossible to run on a system. This ...
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Detect what antivirus installed on Windows Operating system

If we want to detect all Antivirus/Endpoint protection currently installed on a Windows machine? What is the best approach? Is there a list of registry locations we can read/iterate? Industry ...
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2 answers

Is it safe to expose a commit hash on a public healthcheck endpoint?

I'm looking at creating a healthcheck dashboard that at a glance shows you information about all our services including: Are they running What sem version they are running The most recent commit hash ...
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2 answers

Enpoint protection: How to search an organisation for hash value

As part of incident response to malicious code outbreak and given the hash value of the malicious artifact, I would like to search across the entire organization for this specific hash value. Do you ...
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3 answers

Stop User Enumeration requests on AJAX endpoints

I have an ecommerce website with over 5 million customer database. From past couple of days, probably a hacker is hitting an AJAX endpoint continuously. This endpoint takes email address as a ...
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CSRF on GraphQL endpoint

I am currently doing bug bounty on a company which uses GRAPHQL for their query language and would like to check if CSRF is possible. After playing around with burpsuite I have conclude the following; ...
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2 votes
3 answers

How to secure an email subscription endpoint?

I have a simple static webpage that lets users sign-up for a newsletter. Once they enter their email address, it gets sent to a public endpoint (AWS Lambda). This lambda function forwards the email ...
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2 answers

Behavior Monitoring in Endpoint Protection Platform

There are some EPP solutions that are considered very innovative (Crowdstrike, SentinelOne...) for the use of Behavior Monitoring. What is the difference with more standard EPP solution (ex. Symantec ...
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Secure endpoint for root domain only, no subdomains

I have an existing endpoint, for example ... I have an existing CORS policy enabled which only allows access from origin However, when I visit the endpoint URL ...
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Is it possible to load an endpoint agent in my Heroku environment? ie: Carbon Black, Crowdstrike, etc [closed]

Can an endpoint security solution be loaded onto a Heroku instance?
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Tools for reverse engineering malicious executables? [closed]

Are there any tools that one can reliably use for decompiling malicious executables in order to understand the inner workings of the same? Or any other reliable tool/way to quickly derive the code?
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Preventing admin from changing proxy settings

I am using a proxy server for my environment deployed on premises for internal hosts and on the cloud from BYOD. When a user takes their device off the premises, the proxy changes to an external proxy ...
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2 answers

How to protect API endpoint from abuse in mobile App?

Let's assume I have a mobile app that fetches the news feed from an url on my server. GET/ Is there a way to restrict the access to this endpoint to only from ...
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How to protect UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) agent on your endpoint

A lot of companies install a UEM agent on employee's laptop to keep track of the health status of the laptop. And they allow the laptop to connect to the internal network if this UEM sends back "...
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What is the thought process behind, Endpoint protection is better than firewalls?

I keep reading about, and seeing people post and recommend in the oddest places, that strong endpoint protection is better than having a in-service/supported/receiving security updates firewall. What ...
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How to secure email validation endpoint?

We have email validation in our registration form (an Ajax call to a REST endpoint to validate an email address when a user enters it). Lets say a normal form first name, Last name, Email, Password, ...
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Additional risks to home network in exposing (raspberry pi) honeypot to the internet

While I would like to contribute piping of logs from a home-deployed honeypot to the DSHIELD project using a raspberry pi, I am concerned that the additional exposure of the port to the internet would ...
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data extraction via Badusb from a "secure endpoint"

I am aware of the ducky quacky devices, however, is there a possibility of impersonating an usb input device to extract data from the target computer? Michael Smith's defcon talk ( http://www....
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How does FireEye HX work? [closed]

Can someone please expand on how FireEye HX works, what does it do exactly? Here is the site info:, but it's written in such an ...
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4 answers

What exactly is endpoint security?

Would someone explain what endpoint security is, exactly? What do companies like McAfee and Symantec sell with their endpoint security suites? I also would like to learn if endpoint security ...
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How to protect against portable applications

There are many portable apps around that could be downloaded and run on local PCs. Usually running of exe could be blocked by using UAC. however, in this case of portable applications, how do I ...
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Why use one URL for all "pages" on my site?

I have heard that I should (A) use one URL for all "pages" on my site, such that what page is shown is determined by the session state, and (B) don't use an extension like .php. One curious fellow ...
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Detecting Hardware keyloggers... elegant solutions?

My company recently discovered a hardware keylogger installed during an routine maintenance procedure. We tried catching the culprit but unfortunately it doesn't seem like we are going to be able to, ...
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Communication between two open endpoints, is this secure enough?

I'm building a (very simple) tool to communicate between two servers. I started by asking if there was a better alternative than making a home made scripts and we came to the conclusion that for ...
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What is the most secure operating system out there? [closed]

Unfortunately, endpoint security is so terrifically weak that NSA can frequently find ways around it. -Edward Snowden Would it be safe to assume that every popular linux distro out there has a ...
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JUNIPER Junos Pulse - how to apply policy to device

We'd like to set up and use Juniper Junos Pulse on iphone and ipad for access to Corporate mail. We have juniper SA and have prepared the policy, but how do we apply the policy to the devices?
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Blocking insecure iPhones from accessing ActiveSync

Considering that the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 (and the latest iPad) all support local device encryption, how do you enforce that only secure devices can connect to your ActiveSync endpoint? In ...
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