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Enrollment over Secure Transport (EST) is a profile of the CMC (Certificate Management over CMS) protocol over secure transport. It is pretty widely supported and touted as the best alternative to SCEP.

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How to include ChangeSubjectName in CSR?

The RFC - 7030 section 4.2.2, EST protocol, suggests to use the Change Subject Name attribute when the client would like to use a different subject for the new issued certificate during reenrollment. ...
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How to retrieve TLS unique value from Apache?

TLS unique value is present in TLS 1.2 version. In Golang, I can get the value of the TLS unique value from the http response through the field TLS. I'd like know how I can get it from Apache. Is ...
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How to include TLS-unique value in CSR?

I'm using a GlobalSign EST Go library that provides an implementation of the RFC 7030 (EST). So far doesn't provide any function to generate a CSR at runtime and therefore include the TLS-unique value ...
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What happens to the key pair once the CSR has been enrolled?

I have a key pair which I used to generate a CSR. Once I enrolled that CSR PKCS10, I get from the PKI (or CA) a certificate signed with the PKI private key. From here, I would like to know if my ...
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Why one should prefer EST protocol instead of SCEP?

For many years SCEP was a simple and widely used protocol for obtaining X.509 certificates. However, not too so long ago another protocol called EST (RFC 7030) was developed. What are the main reasons ...
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