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Can malware be transmitted via a USB charger plugged into a wall socket?

I have a smart phone that I often plug into a wall socket for charging via a small adapter that rectifies the AC to DC power and transforms the voltage from line (120V or 240V) to 5 V DC, probably ...
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How to check if a Wi-Fi network is safe to connect to?

I always feel scared to connect to hotel, airport Wi-Fi etc. I feel that if the Wi-Fi router is hacked, my personal information can be collected by a hacker. How can I determine if a Wi-Fi network is ...
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How to track down a rogue laptop connected to an un protected ethernet socket in a big organization?

I would like to know ways of detecting rogue laptops connected to Ethernet sockets not properly secured in a big organization that has a plain network segment. I know that this can be prevented using ...
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Spoof another IP address in the same network,will the spoofing source get the response?

I have read some articles about IP spoofing. Briefly speaking, IP-spoofing means the attacker uses a fake IP address in the IP header, to pretend this IP packet is sent by another machine. The ...
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Encryption for home ethernet?

I recently had my home wired for gigabit ethernet, which is awesome, but left me with a short ethernet run that is actually outside the walls of my house. How can I secure this link against someone ...
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Preventing Ethernet over power

I'm an electrician doing a job at a secure site. The client is concerned that someone could plug an Ethernet over power (EOP) connection into the switch and then connect elsewhere in the building. Is ...
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Can anyone tell if a wireless router is plugged into an Ethernet port (without actually seeing it)

In a large network if there is an Ethernet port in the wall, is it possible to tell if a switch or wireless adapter is plugged into it? (I'm talking about the cheap home routers - with the built in ...
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