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Does Routersploit install any malware or executables on my PC?

If I install Routersploit on my PC, would it install any malware or executable binaries as part of it to PC? Even though developers of Routersploit do not have any nefarious intention to add malware, ...
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Difference Between Exploit Kits Vs. Probing a Network for Vulnerabilities

I don’t understand exactly the difference between websites using exploit kits on visiting users vs. a website server probing a network for vulnerabilities and then exploiting them. The scenario is ...
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Can my infected phone’s hotspot infect my outdated computer?

Knowing that anything is possible for the many ways a hacker can break into a system, is it also possible that if I have an infected phone acting as a hotspot, my outdated computer could get infected ...
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Can website exploit kits contain bootkits?

Can a website exploit kit theoretically contain a bootkit (it flashes your UEFI/BIOS)?
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10 votes
2 answers

How do exploit kits enumerate or fingerprint their targets?

My current understanding is that an exploit kit will fingerprint (gather information on) a system, check those details against a database of vulnerabilities and then attempt to use the relevant ...
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Wireless Exploit Project

I've been given a task of doing research for some tools/methods of accomplishing the following goals: The engineers will scan the 802.11-based signal cloud around your network testing for ways that ...
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How to mitigate evil twin WIFI social engineering attack?

I just come across this article: Capturing WPA Passwords by Targeting Users with a Fluxion Attack. Although WIFI Evil Twin attack and WIFI de-authentication attacks is known for a long time, a ...
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Proof of concepts for published exploits

Do industry pros have VM's or various workstations setup to go through known exploits after they've been patched or is that less beneficial for learning than i'm imagining? I'm thinking, how can you ...
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Ad-Banner Rendering Sites Serve with malicious content - how to respond?

We've received a random email, which was of-course by the way it looks might be a marketing attempt - however, one always needs for a verification to be done. The email read the following: We have ...
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3 answers

Browser as Honey-Pot, is there?

I'm watching all this movement around Metasploit project, the great number of different exploitation plugins, and thousands of exploit packs. Now, it is real truth, anyone could configure his own ...
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Realistic: Exploiting a computer on BIOS/ hardware level in less than an hour? (Infinite preparation time)

I wonder how hard it it to infect a laptop or netbook in 60 minutes or less in a way the victim cannot easily clean their machine by wiping hard disk drives. Let's assume the following: The attacker ...
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Shortened links and social media [closed]

I've been into IT-sec for a few years now and I have recently gotten in to the whole reddit/r/netsec, twitter, security.stackexchange thing, to get more involved with the community. What surprises me ...
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Why do exploit kits use droppers?

I've been looking into the structure of the online criminal underground, which consists of exploit kits, droppers, and malware payloads. What is the function of the dropper in this pipeline? Why ...
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Automatic exploit searches

How to automatically search and download exploits which matches for example with kernel release ? Is there for example a public REST web service which provide data in XML or JSON format to a client ...
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websites with vulnerabilities INFO [duplicate]

Websites like This websites show information about vulnerabilities and exploits, which other sites are similar?
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known public exploits for vsftpd 2.0.1/2.0.5

I somehow noticed that there were numerous reports of security vulnerabilities of vsftpd 2.0.1~2.0.5; however, there just seems to be no public exploits. The server I am working on has vsftpd 2.0.5 (...
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13 votes
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SCADA / PLC exploit code was released in metasploit. Now what?

Wired reports that there are many security issues with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and now there is an easy to use tool to scan and detect vulnerabilities. They say it's so easy, the ...
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Where can I find a solid BURP tutorial? [closed]

I'm looking for a good resource for learning/configuring BURP. I understand the concepts behind using the framework, and have read the docs on the site, but if anyone has a solid tutorial link I ...
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How do you defend specifically against attackers utilizing any or all of the commercial exploit kits?

There are several commercial exploit kits available containing 0day vulnerabilities: White Phosphorus Exploit Pack Agora Exploit Pack http:...
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