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Why does Windows facial recognition not require a password on startup?

I was reading the following question: Why do mobile devices force user to type password after reboot? To find out why fingerprint authentication on my Windows 10 laptop isn't an option on startup. It ...
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How can one avoid being identified by facial recognition in a public setting?

Facial recognition is ubiquitous and methods like disguises, surgical masks and makeup are becoming ineffective owing to the improvement in algorithms. In light of these advances, what are some ...
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Is converting from PNG to WebP format still effective to prevent facial recognition?

Fawkes was used to cloak the PNG images and the images were then converted from PNG to WebP format using Google's official cwebp.exe. Is the cloaking still effective to prevent facial recognition on ...
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How do you socialize online and avoid facial recognition and other privacy breaching-tactics

What are some techniques to socialize online, while still maintaining privacy, specifically avoiding facial recognition? The main goal here is to make it to where only humans can recognize/track you, ...
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How does Windows Hello recognize me with a mask on?

The first time I forgot to take my mask off before using the facial recognition login to my Windows 10 computer, it wouldn't work (which I expected). After a couple times, though, it started logging ...
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How to protect against unwanted photographs?

Problem Possible defenses against the attack vector of facial recognition via unwanted photographs. Background The advance of facial recognition technology has promoted unwarranted photographs from ...
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Facial Recognition Attack Nomenclature

Is there a generally acknowledged term for spoofing facial recognition with a photo of the target face (Samsung smartphone facial recognition, not Apple FaceID (depth measurement)).
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Does Facebook scan the photos I upload? [closed]

I uploaded a photo of mine with my friend and tagged some random Facebook users of my friend list. After some time when I opened that post, Facebook is suggesting me to tag my friend who is in that ...
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How can Facial Recognition surveilance be misused by police? [closed]

There has been a lot of news lately about facial recognition use by police forces being banned or that it should be banned. The obvious example is that a police officer who is motivated by personal ...
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How can Facebook verify my face if it should not have one?

I do not use Facebook but recently I created an account for the purpose of connecting it to an app. I uploaded several photos of myself to Facebook, did what I needed with the app and deleted the ...
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