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Questions tagged [fiddler]

Fiddler is a debugging proxy.

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Fiddler with Android Emulator mostly shows "A SSLv3-compatible ClientHello handshake was found" with no headers or data

When I run fiddler with a proxy for the BlueStacks Android emulator (on Windows), many of the results are listed as "Tunnel to" a random IP address, with no headers and no information on the ...
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How do I intercept packages in a Facebook application?

I can not listen to HTTPS traffic in the Facebook application through Fiddler and Burp. SSL-Pinning is disabled through SLL Kill Switch 2 (other applications such as Twitter, Snapchat with SSL-Pinning ...
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How can I forward and capture all traffic from a device (mobile, or PC) from another network?

Let's say Mobile device A sits on Network A, and I want to monitor their HTTPS traffic remotely, how might I go about doing this? I know that locally, on the same network, a proxy debugging tool can ...
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Export Fiddler Site Specific Cert

I have a site that I am currently intercepting https traffic for and pointing it to my local server using fiddler. I would like to take fiddler out of the equation by installing the site's ...
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Decrypt mobile phone app TLS/SSL traffic using Wireshark and Fiddler/Charles/MITM Proxy

I currently use fiddler/Charles Proxy/MITM proxy to decrypt and analyze SSL/TLS traffic from suspect mobile apps I want to analyze. The process I follow is to export a CA cert from Fiddler, then ...
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Watch Encrypted IMAP Responses

I'm trying to see if I can decipher the messages coming back from Exchange when I try and login via secure IMAP. My office 365 accounts are under attack and I've disabled IMAP (and legacy login) but ...
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capturing web-sockets packets from IOS using fiddler

I am using latest Fiddler version trying to capture web-sockets requests from an IOS application. I am able to see only HTTP and HTTPS requests. Laptop(Running fiddler on port 8888) and mobile both ...
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Decryption of TLS/SSL Traffic With the debug file of fiddler on wireshark

I wanna decrypt some packets on Wireshark, when I search the Internet, some people were said to use SSLKEYLOGFILE environment, I do the stuff, but it looks like that chorme doesn`t update that file ...
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