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FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) is a technical specification for biometric authentication to online services.

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U2F FIDO sends identifiable serial numbers

As all of the FIDO Alliance documents state, the FIDO U2F protocols should never be able to abused to identify whether a user has multiple accounts with one service, or for services to collude and ...
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Can an Android Phone be used as a Windows Hello Security Key?

Microsoft Windows 10 does support physical security keys since some time. Google recently announced that Android phones can be used as security keys as well (primarily for their own services). Is ...
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Yubikey Private Key Generation & Storage 5 Series vs Bio Key

References: Yubico’s Take on U2F Key Wrapping Key generation Discoverable ...'s user avatar
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Implementing FIDO2 (WebAuthN) in Native iOS

I am currently investigating the idea of implementing FIDO2 (WebAuthN) support in native iOS using Swift. I understand that there is no FIDO2 support in native iOS, and only available through Safari ...
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FIDO Multi-device Authentication Sync Technical Specification

Where/what are the technical specifications to sync FIDO passkeys? FIDO passkeys are a quite hot topic. There is a white paper from FIDO Alliance about it. Several websites provide abstract ...
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Windows controlled folder access to secure Chrome cookies?

I've read about Linus Tech Tips hack, where a malware stole the browser cookies & was able to log in to Linus's channel. Is this preventable with Windows controlled folder access (preventing apps ...
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Reading SSH private key physically stored on yubikey to remote into external PC

I was wondering if it's possible to only store and read a ssh private key on a yubikey and not read the private key the yubikey generated from a client computer? Currently the only way it seems to ...
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Fido U2F, can a modified client theoretically register the same key multiple times? YubiKey Wrapped PrivateKey Method

Context I was answering a question about how YubiKey can generate "infinite" keypairs for Fido U2F but doesn't need to store them locally. This leads to my initial question: Initial Question ...
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WebAuthn Variation with non-connect dongle Authenticator

As I read through the WebAuthn / FIDO2 documentation, it appears the authentication is done on the local device to create an attestation to the FIDO server. This future implies the "biometrics" or ...
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Are all the FIDO U2F tools from Yubico cross-compatible

So I recently got myself one U2F security key to experiment with all the services that support it. However I didn't go for the mainstream option (Yubikey) since most models are quite expensive for my ...
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Solutions for out of band biometric login

I am enhancing our login flow to include biometric verification via your phone. The user will log in to the desktop app but will have to verify their identity via their phone. We already have an app ...
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How to best support multiple hardware keys (yubikeys, etc.) as a web app?

I've implemented second factor authentication for my web app via FIDO U2F, and am testing using a Yubikey. I have read that it is best practice to associate multiple hardware keys in case one is lost, ...
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Storing TOTP codes on a Feiteian ePass FIDO key

I'm looking for some Android apps that can store / read TOTP codes off of a Feitian ePass FIDO key using NFC. There appears to be a fairly simple way with a yubico key / and key but I don't know how ...
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