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11 votes
2 answers

Comparison between Firejail and Apparmor

I'd like to understand how Apparmor and Firejail compare to each other: advantages, pros and cons, purposes, similarities, etc. I might be asking to compare apples with oranges, however I've noticed ...
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1 answer

Wise/Safe to use Firejail within a SELinux preconfigured O/S?

In my testing of Fedora 29 and came to find it uses SELinux by default; I installed firejail which is available in the repos. Is there any benefit to running Firejail within this environment or is it ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Firejail Blacklist/Whitelist Priorities

I have defined the following: whitelist /home/user/.mozilla/firefox/ noblacklist /home/user/.mozilla/firefox/ blacklist /home However I get: ls: cannot access '/home/user/.mozilla/firefox': ...
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Is using a singularity sandbox an effective way to increase security through isolation / compartmentalization?

I am using singularity sandboxes in my workflow for several reasons unrelated to security. However, after using it a bit, I am now wondering: is using a singularity sandbox an effective way to ...
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How does Chromium's sandboxing compare to Firejail's?

I am increasingly being requested to join videoconferences through Zoom, which I don't trust to run on my machine. I understand that there are two common ways of sandboxing this software: you can ...
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