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Use for question about security risks associated with fonts, such as OTF or TTF-files.

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Font file flagged as malicious by antivirus

BitDefender (Free edition) for Windows identified the CascadiaCode.ttf font file as malware and moved it from the Fonts folder into quarantine. My Windows 11 install is like a day old, so maybe it's ...
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Font risk in unopened email in inbox

This is obviously not from PayPal, but the font in the word account displayed using odd looking font, is this a security risk to me that displayed this font? See below, Outlook has preview ...
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How to detect suspicious content in a TrueType Font (.ttf) font file

I got curious about how to scan or assess the risk of a particular font file before deploying it to hosts. First line of defense, of course, is to make sure that our hosts are patched against any ...
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How do I know if a font is malicious?

There are cases of fonts being used for exploiting vulnerabilities (for ex: ThreatPost, SecureList and F-Secure). My question is if you ever get hands on such a font, how do you know that it is ...
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