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How to recover my password from my file.key [duplicate]

I don't remember my passphrase for my PGP key that was created several years ago. How can I decrypt my file.key to recover it? Or what should I do to recover it from my file.key?
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PGP public key flagged as malicious to root. Was ran before

Hello I had used this pgp public key on my win10 OS with pgptool to message someone. Then when i used that same public key in whonix OS console it came back with some type of warning about malicious ...
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Is it normal, that some companies just sign the txt file which contains the sha value of the program?

Scenario A: Suppose I have an .exe file, the provider offers a sha1 txt file with hash value and this txt file is gpg signed. So I check if the hash value matches the exe file and then download the ...
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Sub-key or new key-pair? (PGP/GPG Newbie)

I saw a PGP/GPG key of a dude on the internet with different sub-keys. The reason is that when one sub-key expires, he creates a new one. Now, from a security protective, is it better to create a new ...
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Changing the encryption algorithm used for PGP/GPG private key

I've read a number of posts regarding changing the algorithm used to encrypt my private PGP keys. However, nothing I have tried seems to work. I am using gpg4win: gpg (GnuPG) 2.3.4 libgcrypt 1.9.4 ...
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GPG4WIN Kleopatra does not require RSA secret key components to decrypt

I was thinking of using gpg4win to encrypt files I'll upload to cloud storage services. I already use 7-zip so if I just wanted to password protect my files I could have easily done it, but I wanted ...
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Key pairs extension / version

I read in some docs, there are several version of GPG key extension available. For ex: gpg, ascii, p12 I know .gpg extension is in binary, and Ascii is in text. But I want to know their differences ...
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Is it possible for me to somehow verify that the PGP message blob I just generated contains what I intended for it to contain?

I have this text: Would you mind stopping by the local store and buy some baking soda for tomorrow, Betty-Sue? Betty-Sue has given me her public PGP key, which I have imported and now use to encrypt ...
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gpg: Every private key export (of the same key-pair) is different

gpg version: 2.2.16 (as part of Gpg4win 3.1.9). Is this supposed to happen: Every export of my private key partially differs from every other export as follows: 2 middle chunks of the main block, and ...
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Kleopatra importing private key

I'm using Kleopatra Version 3.1.4-gpg4win-3.1.5. I try to import private key (my private key is in a separate file, just a plain text) with GUI and I've got it imported without any problems. However, ...
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gpg ignores passphrase on my key stored on yubikey 5 nfc

I just set-up my yubikey 5 nfc with 3 seperate subkeys (S, E, A). While encrypting and decrypting works fine (self-tested), I'm questioning the fact that gpg only ever asks me for the yubikey's pgp ...
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GPG: how to encrypt using a keyfile? (symmetric)

In Ubuntu this produces a "filename.txt.gpg" file and works: $ gpg --symmetric --passphrase-file keyfile.key filename.txt In debian, I get a popup requesting I enter a password... How do I encrypt ...
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How to tell if a "PGP PRIVATE KEY BLOCK" is passphrase protected?

I've used gpg4win's Kleopatra tool to create an OpenPGP RSA personal certificate. I want to export the private key for several reasons (import it on another machine, as well as backing it up in ...
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