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How to prevent configuration of Public IP on an interface

I have recently identified a security risk with some of the machines (primarily Windows 10 and MacOS laptops) my company issues to users. Specifically, a small subset of the users are regularly ...
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How to disable/block Microsoft Store on Windows 10 Pro by firewall?

I want to block Microsoft Store on Windows 10 pro in a corporate environment. Having read relevant articles about this matter and tested on my machine, I see that Windows 10 Pro does not support this ...
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Are there any security related issues if we allow domain users to change their wallpaper and screen saver?

I know lots of company they lock users wallpaper and screen saver, but is there any risk to allow this?
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Reading SD cards on a GPO blocked USB [closed]

Our company has a GPO which blocks USB mass storage devices. The GPO permits Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) connections. Some SD card-based camera devices don't support MTP so they are blocked as they ...
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Why don't security systems prevent against password incrementing?

A lot of users, myself included, increment the last digits of a password when it is required to be changed on a regular basis - e.g. 30/60/90 days. Regardless of whether forced password changes are ...
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What is the risk of allowing users to change Windows 10 wallpaper?

In the past I know there where ActiveX that could be installed as wallpaper and I see that this may be a risk. Is there any risk allowing this on Windows 10? Is there any kind of wallpaper that may ...
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