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Graphics Processing Units are a special chips designed to handle video processing in computers or handheld devices which involves complex maths calculations

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Would secure boot block GPU if it has modified vbios?

I think that AMD GPUs can be flashed with any modded VBIOS because the GPU doesn't check for firmware signature. Shouldn't the secure boot be able to check signature of the AMD GPUs modded VBIOS and ...
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Do modern GPUs have memory protection?

What mechanisms (if any) modern GPUs implement to prevent different processes from accessing each other's memory (on graphics card)?
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Modifying a SHA256 system to be ASIC resistant

I am looking for a way to protect a system utilizing SHA256 on semi-weak passwords against brute force attacks using ASIC-levels of hash-power, ideally by designing a system that is ASIC resistant. ...
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Securing server-sent shaders

I have been implementing server-sent shaders using OpenGL for a game (GLSL version 1.20.8). Executing server-sent shaders on the client obviously is remote code execution, which tends to be a bad ...
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How can I challenge an attacker to reliably identify their hardware? [closed]

I distribute a client application where I would like to identify a user's hardware specifications when they begin interacting with my server. I am specifically interested in identifying the user's GPU ...
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Estimating Password Cracking Speed Based on GPU?

I was wondering if there was a calculator or formula I could use to find a rough estimation of the time it takes to crack hashes based on GPU. I am trying to assess how much performance I would lose/...
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How do Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) compare to Graphics Processing Units (GPUs); for cracking hashes?

As a general rule, GPUs are more effective than CPUs when it comes to performing acutely repetitive tasks, like iterating over lists and generating permutations of a set (i.e. exhausting dictionaries &...
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Video card - pci express security

I recently bought a second hand Nvidia video card which runs in SLI mode with my default video card. Can it be infected with a malicious program added by the previous owner, steal data from the ...
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Modern Linux GPU driver security

How secure are modern Linux GPU drivers? The threat model is an attacker who can execute arbitrary code in the context of an unprivileged user process, which is heavily locked down by seccomp-bpf, ...
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Spectre/meltdown on a GPU

Are GPUs vulnerable to spectre/meltdown attacks, since they have most of what makes CPUs attackable? Is there any information in the VRAM, that would cause trouble if it was stolen?
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AWS Elastic GPU Compute vs WPA2 [closed]

Looking at cracking a WPA/WPA2 handshake predetermined at 8 Characters long only. This means that there are: 208,827,064,576 possible combinations. Looking at toms hardware page and Rockfish Sec ...
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What should be the ideal course of action for a compromised GPU?

What should be the ideal course of action for a GPU that is suspected compromised, for example by a virtual machine using passthrough? Are there any ways to detect such an infection? If the computer'...
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GPU passthrough security

How secure is the host operating system from the guest virtual machine's OS when using GPU passthrough (using the methods described here)? If the guest is compromised, can it permanently infect the ...
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Does aircrack-ng use GPU/CUDA capabilities?

As stated, does aircrack-ng when brute forcing a WPA2 handshake capture use GPU/CUDA resources such as a program like Hashcat does?
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Password cracking speeds according to Hashcat

from the site: - they used 4 GPUs: Hashtype: Keepass 1 (AES/Twofish) and Keepass 2 (AES) Speed.Dev.#*.....: 416.5 kH/s Hashtype: ...
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Could the unused Mali GPU in the Libre Tea Computer Card be a security risk?

The Libre Tea Computer Card is a single-board computer that comes without any proprietary software (at least that’s the goal, it’s currently in crowdfunding): […] all firmware and kernel sources ...
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Is it possible to use parallelism when computing a key derivation function for a single password/key?

Suppose I have an AES-256 encrypted file, and I want to derive the key using PBKDF2 and a given salt with a large number of rounds (say 1 million), but I'm limited by user tolerance for UI lag when ...
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How are GPUs used in brute force attacks?

I have read that GPUs can be used in brute force attacks? But how can this be done and is there a need for any other hardware devices (hard disks for instance)? Note: I'm more interested in web ...
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how many sha1 hashes per time on current hardware [closed]

How many sha1 hashes per second can current hardware (say a 500$ gpu) compute, when the input is 256 byte long? (or any other length). The question behind is how long (or how costly) is it to mount a ...
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Does password-hashing "busy-work" need to be cryptographically secure

All modern password hashing schemes are deliberately designed to include a huge amount of "busy-work", to limit the speed with which an attacker would be able to conduct password hashing attempts. ...
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How long would it take to bruteforce an AES-128 protected pdf knowing the key is 20 letter long and that the charset is A-Z,0-9?

The question says everything, knowing that a pdf is protected using standard Adobe password encryption that comes with Acrobat Pro (which as far as i know is AES 128) how much would it take to ...
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ASIC/FPGA hardwares to compute Scrypt hashes [closed]

this company claim Scrypt mining by ASIC (on crypto currencies who use scrypt hashing as proof of work) scrypt is made to keep ASIC/FPGA attackers away, is that claim expired?
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Brute force password cracking with a GPU

How are GPU's provisioned for password cracking? Do all, if not most cracking programs have special GPU aware software or do they just function at the basic driver or API level of the device? Can it ...
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SHA-512 unix passwords. How secure are those hashes, really?

I came across this very alarming sounding thread which indicates a GPU with about half the compute capacity of the GPU currently powering the monitor I type this on is capable of 11.5k c/s. I'm not ...
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Are there implementations of password hashing algorithms for major frameworks that utilizes specialized hardware like GPUs/FPGAs?

It is common knowledge that password cracking attempts can greatly benefit from specialized hardware such as large clusters of GPUs or FPGAs. Are there any implementations of the commonly recommended ...
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Brute-Force GPU Password Crackers

Brute-force password cracker programs which claim GPU support include John the Ripper, ighashgpu, oclHashcat, and others. oclHashcat appears one of the more popular, but I am not sure which AMD/ATI ...
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Is OpenGL a security problem?

Today, almost all desktop and most mobile operating systems and devices support some version of OpenGL. I'm wondering about the security implications of that: In many cases, the GPU has complete and ...
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