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Questions tagged [grsecurity]

A set of Linux kernel security-oriented patches implementing, among others, least privilege control for memory pages and other resources.

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Restrict privileged users from accessing certain directories on Linux servers with Grsecurity?

My question is similar to these: Protect sensitive data from sysadmin prying eyes Restrict access to a specific directory on Linux From those, I understand that SELinux could accomplish my goal. ...
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What is KSPP (Kernel self-protection project)?

What is KSPP? I saw it being compared to and called a competitor to grsecurity, but I can't find a patch or Git repository to download. Is it just an idea/manifesto or something real, with a concrete ...
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Sandboxing applications and files in Debian & GrSecurity [closed]

I'm about to switch from Linux Mint to Debian. But before doing that I'm still looking into a few things to secure Debian. 1) The first thing I want is a kind of 'sandboxing' technology. This to ...
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Are grsecurity kernels available through Arch and Gentoo repos suitable for production?

From grsecurity announce (August 26, 2015): The test series, unfit in our view for production use, will however continue to be available to the public to avoid impact to the Gentoo Hardened and Arch ...
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How does reuse attack protection (RAP) work?

The grsecurity folks just released a test patch for the 4.5 Linux kernel which includes Return Address Reuse Attack Protection or RAP, a protection technique against return-oriented programming (ROP). ...
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concrete real-life examples where grsecurity prevented an exploit

From theoretical point of view, grsecurity kernel patch looks like a great hardening tool. Most importantly, PaX seems like a good idea. Do these theoretical advantages have indeed practical effect ...
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Is server hardening with grsecurity really necessary on the CentOS 6.3 environment?

I consider myself to be reasonably good with IT, however I am relatively fresh at server and system administration. I am a web developer for my company and I have been charged with setting up and ...
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