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EEPROM with HDD calibration data

I understand that in a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) there is EEPROM which stores calibration data. This is not directly accessible by any ring-3 (usermode) or ring-0 (kernel mode) programs. I was curious as ...
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How can we confirm with certanty a USB or Harddrive is not infected after reformatting?

Running the following code on a linux machine returns the partition tables and partial config of the hard-drive and USB devices. fdisk -l returns Disk /dev/nvme0n1: 238.47 GiB, 256060514304 bytes, ...
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Reliably destroy all information on magnetic disk through digital medium

In a scenario where a person wants to give away their device (magnetic disk included), leaving the disk usable for the receiver, how might that person go about destroying ALL data (except firmware) on ...
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Is there a way to find the devices my SSD was plugged in?

I gave my laptop for repair to a technician now I suspect he might have copied my files to another pc by probably plugging in my SSD to other devices. I already tried checking the properties but idk ...
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How can you securely destroy data permanently and completely? [duplicate]

I have some extremely sensitive data on a computer, hard drive, and on a private server. I do not care about cost or method, as I have a lot of funds (though not unlimited) and I do not want to go ...
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How to prevent the recovery of deleted files without a full format of external HDD?

How can I securely delete selected files so they can’t be recovered, but without the full format of the external HDD? Is this even possible? I’m using Mac OS.
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Isn't "BIOS reset password" a security flaw?

According to this article Dell Support can help a user to gain access to data after forgetting the HDD password: Once Dell Support has provided the reset password, you enter this when prompted and ...
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Encrypting Drive before Online Proctor Exam

I'm undergoing postgrad studying and will be asked to do an online exam monitored by ProctorU. I didn't worry much about it before signing up but now that I read the detailed instructions about how ...
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Isolate Dual-Boot Windows OS's - Encryption Programs

My machine has Name Model Disk No. Capacity SDD LITEON L8H 0 240 GB HDD HGST 1 1 TB ( 932 Gb ) SDD contains: Windows 10 (for work) HDD contains: Partition 1 / ├─ Files ( text , imgs , video , ...
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Is LUKS still an effective option for consumer FDE considering Elcomsoft can break it?

I use Fedora Linux and was recently looking into doing Full Disk Encryption on data drives such as /home on some of my / my family's PCs. I understand that LUKS security will be partially dependent on ...
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Should I trust that the Android factory reset actually erases my data?

I bought a Galaxy S20 Fe, logged my LastPass in it and all of my accounts (google, twitter, etc). Now it has a malfunction and I'm going to have to send it back to get my money back. When I factory ...
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How to best prevent data recovery on a disk drive without physically destroying it? [duplicate]

The recommended way of ensuring that data on a hard disk cannot be recovered is to destroy it physically, for example using a hammer, drill or even thermite. Question When physical disk destruction is ...
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Do external harddrives keep track of the computers they're plugged in to?

I know that it's possible for a computer to set up logging or auditing, and keep track of what devices are plugged into IT. But do external harddrives keep track of what computers THEY are ever ...
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Google Chrome folder protection during HDD forensics

Is there any protection provided by Chrome browser against HDD dump and further forensics (with volatility-like tools)? For example, is it possible to extract google profile from Chrome folder and use ...
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Password protect an internal hard drive in a shared Windows PC where all users are administrators

It is a laptop shared by my lab. Today I use it, another day one of my student takes it on a field trip. I have 3 hard drives. I wanna leave 2 hard drives for my students and 1 for myself. On my hard ...
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Erasing hard drives (HDD & SSD) for donation

I'm planning to donate a laptop to a school, for kids to use from home during the pandemic. It's my previous work/development laptop, so I want to erase the drives as securely as possible (within ...
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Cloning external harddrive encrypted by bitlocker using dd

Hi I want to know if I use dd to clone an external hard drive encrypted by bitlocker to another external drive, can the clone always be opened using the same password or there are exceptions?
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Wiping a hard large hard drive efficiently but securely step by step

I want to sell my old 4TB Hard Drive. Of course I want no one to steal my data. Overwriting the whole drive with zeros with dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda would take about 18h. But I cannot reboot my PC ...
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Booting from an external drive on work laptop (privacy)

Hi guys the company I work for gave me an awesome laptop but I don't want them to spy on my personal activities (they have lots of Spyware and security). I am, however, able to boot from an external ...
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Can I Hook Up A Infected Drive To Another Computer?

I have an old computer that has old games on it and has some kind of virus or such. If I hooked up its drive, would I be able to copy the files over to my laptop, or would even connecting the drive ...
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Breaking SAM windows password file offline

Is it possible to break a Windows encrypted SAM file where passwords are stored if you have the physical drive offline? Thanks
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1 answer

Best practice to secure hard-drive in case of theft or loss or unauthorized access?

Scenario: a person owns and used only a laptop (or PC) and on its hard drive is stored sensitive information, in addition, in browsers the logged-in sessions to gmail, facebook, server, etc...etc.. ...
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What does HP DriveLock do to your password?

While looking at various hard drive encryption methods, I discovered that HP's "DriveLock" is not quite the standard ATA security system. While I did get confirmation from HP that it does indeed use ...
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