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Hibernate is an ORM library for Java.

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If I hibernate my Linux distro (which has an encrypted partition) and store it in a unencrypted swap partition, can an attacker access all my data?

Is it possible? How? Should I encrypt my swap partition? If I don't encrypt it, basically I make encryption in the main partition useless.
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Hibernate SQL Injection - Fortify 360

I am using Fortify 360 to analyze my code's security. Fortify has identified a Hibernate based delete method to perform a delete based on an object that has been passed in. My understanding of ...
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Does an ORM framework such as Hibernate completely mitigate SQL injection?

I know that to prevent all or most SQL injection attacks that you should use parametrized queries. I've been using Hibernate for a while instead of hand writing my SQL statements. Are there any known ...
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