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Homomorphic encryption is form of encryption which allows mathematical operations to be carried out on an encrypted message, using only the ciphertext. Cryptography.SE may be more suitable for some questions on this topic.

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Confidential Computing - SQL Server Always Encrypted w/ Secure Enclave - Customer Managed Keys or alternative

I am looking into ways to build a data warehouse that would house confidential data for 1+ clients. The requirement is that our organization can never obtain access to the decrypted data. There would ...
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Non-interactive multi key encryption and decryption

I need some serious suggestions on my protocol, specifically for decryption. So the scenario is Organizations A and B encrypt their employees' records with their respective public keys and store them ...
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PGP public key flagged as malicious to root. Was ran before

Hello I had used this pgp public key on my win10 OS with pgptool to message someone. Then when i used that same public key in whonix OS console it came back with some type of warning about malicious ...
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Is it possible to search HTTPS messages using homomorphic encryption?

We're trying to build a packet sniffer that can search and quarantine malware in encrypted transactions without decrypting said transactions. At present, we're exploring whether homomorphic encryption ...
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How to safely handle non public data in memory

Alice needs to get non public information from Bob, validate it (let's say check that birth day is between 1900 and now) and forward it to Charlie. There's an end to end encryption between Alice and ...
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Can homomorphic treatment lead to disclose the context, and so break confidentiality?

Example: I want company X to perform an analysis on the data I output from a campaign of tensile testing. I send them encrypted data and ask them to fit a function between deformation and constraint (...
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Are there currently any standards for Homomorphic encryption?

I am curious if there are any released standards for homomorphic encryption, or computing on encrypted data. Perhaps by NIST, ANSI, or ISO. If not, are there any that are under development right now? ...
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What is currently the best Searchable Encryption (SE) algorithm that works in practice?

I'm struggling to find good literature on Searchable Encryption. There are of course a few student papers written in LaTeX using Computer Modern that has some nice Greek soups in them, but none with ...
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Why is e-voting still a problem?

Electronic voting has been considered technical infeasible for a long time. And recently I watched a video from the channel Computerphile on YouTube where they bring up all the problems that come ...
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Why cant all voters be authorities in homomorphic encryption based voting scemes?

In voting scemes I have seen so far that are based on homomorphic encryption, a group of partially trusted "authorities" share the task of decrypting the result. The voter has to trust at least one of ...
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How do Cloud Encryption Gateways and CASB work?

Cloud Encryption Gateways (CEG) and Cloud Access Security Brokers(CASB) are becoming popular to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data leaving to Cloud Service Providers. How do they ...
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Difference between fully homomorphic and semi-homomorphic encryption

What is the difference between fully homomorphic and semi-homomorphic encryption?
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Who defined the term "fully homomorphic encryption"?

Rivest et al. proposed the concept of privacy homomorphisms, but did not distinguish between partial versus fully homomorphic encryption. Gentry seems to take for granted the idea that fully ...
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E-voting: receipt-free, verifiable, and anonymous

Background In response to a system design concept, a question was posed: How do you achieve electronic voting, anonymity, and verifiability at the same time? I was informed that most experts in ...
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Are there any fast Homomorphic Obfuscuation techniques available?

Assuming that cryptography falls into one of three areas: Awfully weak protocols and algorithms, that are trivial to break with a low amount of effort and resources Cryptographically strong protocols ...
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Describe an example of indistinguishability obfuscation or functional encryption

As described in Perfecting the Art of Sensible Nonsense, a major breakthrough in cryptography research was published in the summer of 2013: Candidate Indistinguishability Obfuscation and Functional ...
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Is it possible to respect a user's privacy while collecting phone MAC addresses?

In London, there are trash bins that track a phone's MAC address and monitor the users movement from one location to another. I want to see if there is any best practice for collecting private ...
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Homomorphic encryption used for e-voting?

I was reading wikipedia about homomorphic encryptions, and one part got me a bit confused: "The homomorphic property of various cryptosystems can be used to create secure voting systems, ..." ...
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Can fully homomorphic encryption be practical?

Fully homomorphic encryption has been implemented by Craig Gentry using ideal lattices. Can it be applied to data stored on a private cloud setup in practice? I've seen references here and on other ...
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What's the State of the Art of Homomorphic Encryption?

I get the impression from some internet resources I have skimmed that homomorphic encryption is yet computationally very inefficient. However, an Infineon press release from 2010 says that the CPUs of ...
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homomorphic encryption and DARPA

Why the government (and the DARPA in particular)is spending all these millions to improve the homomorphic encryption?which useful usage could it get?
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What Partial Homomorphic Encryption implementations exist and how do I leverage them?

It appears that only Partial Homomorphic Encryption(P.H.E.) is practical for modern day (2011) use. However I'm having difficulty locating libraries (FOSS or otherwise) that enable me to leverage ...
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In what ways does Full or Partial Homomorphic Encryption benefit the cloud?

Can someone explain, in plain English, the practical ways FHE and PHE can be leveraged in the cloud? Some interesting (and confusing) links include this Microsoft Research PDF and this Wikipedia ...
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