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TRACE is a HTTP verb. Use this tags for questions about related security issues, such as Cross Site Tracing.

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Why if a server response contain both Public: TRACE and Allow: TRACE then responds with 405 NOT allowed?

SCENARIO: I'm testing a web application. To test if TRACE is enabled I used both nmap --script http-methods and curl -k -i -X OPTIONS After running the former I get 443/tcp ...
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Is Using SSL secure enough to post request login credentials to my backend server?

I hope everyone is doing okay. I've built a React.js website which is hosted in a server with SSL, but I'm not sure whether it's secure or not. That's why I decided to ask you for some advice/tips or ...
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Is it still possible to use HTTP TRACE for XSS in modern Web Browsers?

Let's assume we are talking about top 10 most used web browsers: Usage share of web browsers 'TRACE' is a HTTP request method used for ...
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